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5 Life Hacks in Google’s Material Design

Google’s material design is one of the most popular trends among developers worldwide. Google developed this design language in 2014. According to Google’s philosophy, as long as you put the user’s needs on top of your priorities, the rest will follow. Thus, Google developed its material design concept consistently, striving to create experiences that make its users’ lives easier and enlighten them. Google uses its material design to create a visual language that helps the user take immediate decisions and improve their existence. Material design acts as a unified system, improving apps’ performance on any type of mobile device. If you want to know which are some of the top five life hacks in Google’s material design, then you should keep reading this article. 

5 Life Hacks in Google’s Material Design

material design

Dark sky

dark sky

This is one of the most popular life hack apps in Google’s material design. Knowing exactly when it will rain or when the rain will stop is extremely helpful for many people nowadays. What makes these apps different from other similar life hack apps? This one can tell you to the minute when the rain will start and when you can leave your umbrella at home. Also, if you want to be continuously informed, then the app can also send you notifications. Thus, rain or bad weather will never take you by surprise.

This app also works as a standard weather forecast tool. It can tell you how the weather is going to be during the week. You will stay updated with the temperatures’ values, humidity, and precipitation likelihood. 


How nice would it be to be able to store all the information about your money management in one app? Mint is an app working excellent on Google’s material design that allows users to see their money at any time, without having too much trouble with calculations and other formulas. You can add all your money sources and track everything with one app. For example, you can add your bank accounts, credit cards, or investments. Thus, instead of stressing your brain and get an overview of your finances from different apps, you can now have everything in one place.

Another great thing about Mind is that it can also offer you exciting ideas on what you can do with your money. If you are the type of person who doesn’t remember when he has to pay the bills or make an efficient budget, this app can help you establish a regular schedule of payments. All you have to do is fill the payee’s details and the monthly amount that you have to pay and let Mint do the rest.



Do you remember the anxiety you felt when you were in a city break, and you needed to go to the toilet, but you didn’t know where to find one? Holidays are great when you are relaxed, and nothing unpredictable happens. Even the smallest details can ruin your city break. When you are in a hurry, and you want to visit as much as possible, having to search for a bathroom for too long can be disturbing. 

Flush is an app that helps you find a public bathroom wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you are in Rome or San Francisco. This app will help you quickly identify the bathroom, solve your needs, and continue your trip without too much trouble. Imagine that you are traveling with your kid, and you have to take him to the bathroom. How useful can this app become? Another great thing about this app is that it comes with a sleek and animated design, giving you access to thousands of public toilets across the world. Also, it will tell you whether you have to pay any fee to have access or you can go for free. In addition, the app will also inform you about the toilet’s condition. 

Google Calendar


This is an app that benefits a lot from the latest improvements from Google’s material design. How nice would it be to rely on an app that tells you when you have your next appointment? Google calendar will keep you updated with your family’s events or the meetings that you have during the day with your team or collaborators. You can also use Google calendar to coordinate meetings with your colleagues and share your availability with the other members of your organization. 

Google calendar can be considered a veritable life hack app as it helps you keep your life organized and make your schedule extremely easy to follow. Another great thing about it is that you can create in-app events and schedule reminders and alarms with 30 or 15 minutes before the appointment. You can also import your schedule from Gmail. Being a Google product, you can also combine with other apps developed by it. Thus, you can use Google Maps to establish the itinerary and arrive quickly at your next appointment. When you have a hectic schedule, and you are always under pressure, Google calendar can be a life hack app with multiple benefits on your daily stress level.

My Fitness Pal

Nowadays, people are very focused on living a healthy life and keeping a functional fitness status. However, finding self-motivation is not always easy. Sometimes, you need a bit of encouragement from the outside. You can count on your friends or family to motivate you. But, you can also use My Fitness Pal as your “friend” to help you keep working out and maintain a healthy diet.

You may have read about how important it is to keep a good fitness state on various websites like Subjecto. Thus, My Fitness Pal can replace your fitness instructor and act as a powerful motivator to help you wake up every morning and go to the gym. This app enables you to keep track of your progress. When you see that your efforts give results, you will feel even more motivated and continue doing your exercises.


All the apps mentioned above can really make a difference in your life. There are many moments in everyone’s life when an app can help you organize your schedule or enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Google’s material design is a concept that is being used by many applications nowadays. Thus, Google puts a lot of effort into improving their users’ experience and improve their lives without too much effort.

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