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4 Solutions That Can Help Optimize a Website for the Visually Impaired

visually impaired

In web development and web design, there is a constant conversation about website optimization. The story usually revolves around things like mobile optimization, scalability, resolutions, SEO practices, and so on. Even though all of these things are important, not many people are talking about users with special needs. 

People with impaired vision also have the right to browse the web and explore websites, don’t they? Luckily, there are ways you can quickly revamp your site and optimize it for these people, as well. Not only is this is a human thing to do, but you will also increase the number of visitors on your site. 

It’s all about providing a great experience to all your visitors. Here are some solutions you can use to optimize your site for people with visual impairments.

Add more Contrast

The majority of eye disorders damage the eye’s ability to sense contrast. A person with visual impairment has a tougher time distinguishing different brightness levels, similar colors, or shades. However, most layouts today have a lot of details with gradients, shifts, and clean interfaces. 

This is very pleasant for people that have healthy eyesight. However, people who struggle with vision can have a tough time looking at these kinds of layouts. This is why you should consider building another version of your site that adds more contrast. 

Bold text can increase readability and make sure to avoid using thin fonts. Additionally, allow highlighting on your site. A lot of people with visual impairment read this way, and even if they can see your site clearly, they might feel awkward without it.

Chatbots with Voice Recognition

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Chatbots with voice recognition can interact with people using voice chat. Chatbots with text-to-voice can transform voice into text and the other way around. Additionally, most chatbots with voice recognition offer users all the options. They can respond with a voice, text, or both to the user’s voice or written input. 

These interfaces make the whole experience a lot easier for visually impaired people. They can communicate with bots by talking and get valuable information without having to navigate through the site. 

What’s even better is the fact that bot-building platforms like SnatchBot allow people without coding skills to create their chatbots with text-to-voice capabilities. 

Add Keyboard Shortcuts

People can navigate your site more easily with keyboard shortcuts. Simple commands can be used to perform actions rather than having to look for a tiny button on a screen. Some common keyboard key navigation commands are arrow keys, which can slide across the page. 

Additionally, you can add several other keys that will perform some of the most critical actions. By removing the need for the mouse entirely, you can make navigating your site much more comfortable for visually impaired people. 

This option reduces the number of visual elements viewers have to inspect. Along with this, they have less frustration and eye strain. The less they have to focus on seeing what’s on the screen, the better.

Create “Scannable” Content

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The majority of people with normal sight don’t have the patience to read everything on a single page. They scan it quickly until they find what they need or go somewhere else. People with visual impairment approach reading the same way. 

However, they are forced to do this constantly. They rely on screen readers to understand what’s in front of them. A lot of people with poor sight have their screen readers, but you can also consider adding one on your site. However, the most important thing is to make the site scannable. 

Your page needs to be accessible. When they run their screen readers, they shouldn’t read large amounts of text but only the essential information. This allows quick navigation and getting the desired point across.


People with poor eyesight also have the right to browse and access the web. No matter what kind of site you are building or running, it should be accessible to these people as well. Of course, you can’t make it perfect in every possible way, but you can add these solutions that will make your site easier to navigate for those that need help.

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