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22 Premium & Free Web Tools And Services For Online Entrepreneurs

web design tools

Web Design Auckland is a premier web design and development agency committed to creating exceptional online experiences. 

With a team of talented designers and developers, they combine creativity and technical expertise to build visually stunning websites that engage and inspire. 

From the initial concept to the final launch, every step of the process is meticulously executed to ensure your website exceeds expectations. 

Web Design Auckland understands the importance of user experience, employing responsive design techniques and intuitive navigation to optimize engagement and conversions. 

They specialize in crafting custom websites tailored to your unique business needs, whether you’re an e-commerce retailer, a creative agency, or a corporate entity. 

Trust Web Design Auckland to deliver a captivating online presence that sets your brand apart from the competition and drives tangible results.


SureCart is a modern, lightweight headless ecommerce platform for WordPress. It lets you sell physical and digital products, and accept one-time and subscription payments for courses, memberships, and even donations.


It prioritizes performance, ease of use, and affordability. It seamlessly integrates with your existing WordPress plugins and keeps your website blazing fast. Not only that, but it also offers a simple and intuitive interface that outshines clunky alternatives like WooCommerce, which is very suitable for non-techies that wants to launch their online store.

Features of SureCart:

  • Auto Payments Recovery: Automatically sends reminders for failed subscription payments.
  • Sales Tax & EU VAT Compliance: Handles tax calculations effortlessly.
  • Cart Abandonment Recovery: Sends automated emails to encourage customers to complete their purchases.
  • Subscriptions & Installments: Offers flexible payment plans for customers.
  • Order Bumps & One-Click Upsells: Enhances revenue by offering additional products or upgrades during the checkout process.
  • Affiliate Platform: Manages and tracks affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Cart Abandonment: No limits on tracking and recovering abandoned carts.
  • and much more


ZipWP is an AI website builder that creates a fully working first draft website using simple prompts so that you can edit it as you go.

It will install WordPress and a theme, create a website, create a working contact form, and create essential pages with placeholder content and images for the website.

All you need to do is customize that content to fit your brand and your website is all set to go! All you need to do is customize it to fit your brand!

Features of ZipWP:

  • Creates fully functional professional websites in 1 minute or less.
  • Installs WordPress and essential plugins automatically.
  • Automatic content generation on the website including maps, menus, images and other relevant media.
  • ZipWP selects relevant images to add engagement to pages.
  • Create functioning contact forms and insert them into relevant pages.

Web Design Auckland

Web Design Auckland is a complete internet design agency that will offer everything you need:

– Branding

– Graphic design

– Website design and development

– Digital marketing strategy


– Web hosting

– Photography and video

These professionals are highly popular for delivering top-notch quality and creative work.

Contact Web Design Auckland for a free quote.

Machine Translation Engine Aggregator is an AI-assisted aggregator, this tool proves invaluable for assessing and comparing the performance of multiple machine translation engines. It not only provides insights into translation quality but also goes the extra mile by recommending the most suitable engine for specific content. Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, it offers both free and premium options, ensuring businesses can access the rapid and cost-effective benefits of machine translation engines. Users can optimize translation processes with this versatile tool, balancing efficiency and accuracy, and choosing features that align with their unique requirements. In essence, it’s a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to streamline their translation workflows. is a Tomedes product. is a website that offers detailed reviews and analysis of WordPress themes and plugins. The website provides structured lists that are useful for both web designers and developers, regardless of their level of expertise. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your online journey or an experienced professional seeking to improve your skills, our goal is to be your trusted companion in the ever-changing world of WordPress.


You want your logo to be designed by a professional graphic designer but you don’t want to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars?

No problem, FreelanceLogoDesign will help you launch your very own logo design contest in which professional graphic designers from all over the world compete for your prize – minimum $79.

The platform works flawlessly and the logos look stunning.

Try it.

Total Premium WordPress Website Builder


Total is WordPress theme that you can use to build your perfect website. Web tools should make managing your business easier, and Total does just that. This premium theme includes the WPBakery frontend visual page build as well as ready to use templates, custom post types to organize content, custom fonts manager, translation/RTL support for multiple languages and much more. So whatever your business niche, Total is a great choice for your WordPress powered website. - offensive & defensive security operations company helps start-ups and digital businesses survive cybersecurity risks delivering penetration testing (offensive sevices) for API, Web, Mobile technology as well as defensive cybersecurity monitoring services. Among his public clients are British digital bank Amaiz, Estonian cryptoexchange Coinfield and american cybersecurity vendor Hideez Inc.

Identify Fonts from Pictures

WhatFontIs is a font identification tool that streamlines the search for the perfect typeface. By uploading an image or providing sample text, this website analyzes and presents accurate font matches, allowing you to find the font you need quickly. With its extensive library and user-friendly interface, designers and typographers can save valuable time and create visually stunning projects with the right typography.

Mac Website Builder

Build beautiful websites on your Mac effortlessly with Mobirise Mac Website Builder. This powerful tool provides a range of modern and stylish templates, making it easy to create a website that stands out. Whether you’re a designer, entrepreneur, or hobbyist, Mobirise offers the flexibility and functionality you need to showcase your online presence.

Cross browser testing

TestingBot is a cross-browser testing tool that will help you do all your automated and manual testing using a simple and intuitive interface.

Start a free trial and see how it works.

Best Selling WooCommerce WordPress Themes

WhatFontIs is the number font identifier from pictures software.

In plus it is free to use and no registration is needed.

Try it now.


Acodez is an exceptional web design blog website that provides a broad range of resources for web UI/UX, web development, and digital marketing. With the aim of catering to both novices and professionals, our blog posts are authored by industry veterans with over a decade of experience, making it a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in these fields

The blog covers various topics related to web development and digital marketing, such as advantages of rdbms, Encryption Algorithms, CSS tricks and Tips, Future of AI and ML etc. which are all highly acclaimed by the users for the quality of its content.

The goal of WP Clerks is to assist company with WordPress management services. The installations, updates, backups, and security checks for themes and plugins are just a few of the services that their knowledgeable staff provides. In addition, they offer performance optimization and custom development for certain corporate needs. The services provided by WP Clerks are reasonable and flexible, making them a solid choice for small and medium-sized enterprises in need of effective WordPress assistance.


Codester is a huge marketplace loaded with cool stuff:

– Scripts and code

– App templates

– Themes

– Plugins

– Graphics

Take a look.

WordPress Translation Services

WordPress translation services enable businesses to translate their WordPress websites into multiple languages. These services involve localizing themes, plugins, and content to cater to diverse audiences. With WordPress translation services, businesses can expand their global reach, enhance user experience, and effectively communicate with international visitors and customers.

Mailmunch White Label Solution

Discover the power of white-label email marketing with Mailmunch. This all-in-one solution enables businesses to create custom-branded subscription forms, landing pages, and pop-ups, ensuring a seamless integration with their websites. Whether you’re an agency, a retail brand, or a SaaS provider, Mailmunch’s white-label solution empowers you to build a consistent brand experience while expanding your email marketing efforts. Leverage advanced analytics and A/B testing capabilities to optimize your campaigns, increase conversions, and drive customer engagement.

With Mailmunch, you have the tools to take charge of your email marketing strategy, enhance customer relationships, and boost your business growth.

Unlayer Embed

Unlayer Embed is an excellent drag and drop editor for creating beautiful, interactive emails and landing pages. It takes less than 5 minutes to embed in your application. It’s highly configurable and fully white-labeled. What’s more interesting is that you can even change the way it looks to blend with your application. With Unlayer, you can provide an intuitive, engaging, and responsive experience for your users with minimal effort.

Hair Salon Cosmetic Products Mockup

Using the mockup is just as easy as a breeze. Simply add your own branding and product labels to the mockup using the smart-object layers in the Photoshop file, and you’re ready to go! You can easily change the color background as well. Plus, you’ll get a PDF help file containing instructions to help you get started, so you can have a professional-looking presentation in no time.

Add a Blog to Your Website Builder Page

If your website doesn’t have a blog and you want one but you don’t know how to do it, use bloghandy.

Using this tool, you will embed a ready-to-go blog into your website with just 2 lines of code.

The added blog will let you write cool content for your website and get organic traffic faster than you think.

Word Invoice Templates

Do you need a nice invoice template but you don’t want to pay for one?

No problem, InvoiceBerry will help you with a free but professional invoice Word template right now.

Get it.


If you’re aiming to boost engagement and interaction at your online job fair, webinar, conference, or social event, why not consider using a chat platform like RumbleTalk Group Chat?

This powerful group chat service can be easily integrated into your live event stream, enabling features such as conversations, polls, Q&A sessions, file sharing, and video calls. It can support thousands of chatters at once and even multiple chats too. Best of all, it’s free to get started.

Create your own chat room today at or reach out to for a demo call.

Anesta - Intranet, Extranet, Community and BuddyPress WordPress Theme

Discover the perfect web design solution for your community website with the Anesta WordPress theme. Tailored for intranet and extranet service projects, it offers four captivating ready-made homepage demos, catering to the community, community news, e-learning, and extranet purposes.

Enhance the security of your website with the Anesta theme’s login privacy feature, granting access exclusively to trusted users. Elevate your community website with an array of standout features, including charts, graphs, online polls, calendars, side menus, and versatile widgets available in both boxed and regular formats.

The Anesta WordPress theme provides a comprehensive and customizable solution for crafting professional and engaging community websites. 

Qwery - Multi-Purpose Business WordPress & WooCommerce Theme + ChatGPT

The Qwery WordPress theme is a versatile and pragmatic web design solution tailored to your specific requirements. Its contemporary and stylish design elevates the visual appeal of your content across all devices.

This theme serves as a solid foundation for various online platforms, including portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce websites. With a plethora of useful features, it caters to your unique needs and ensures a visually stunning website.

Seamlessly integrating with WooCommerce, it provides a range of e-commerce layouts that enhance your online business. Moreover, the theme includes appointment booking features along with two booking plugins, streamlining your scheduling process.

Leveraging the power of the Elementor page builder, effortlessly modify any pre-designed page or layout within the theme to achieve a customized look and feel.

For those seeking flexibility and style in a web design solution, the Qwery WordPress theme is the perfect choice.

ANN - Artificial Neural Network AI WordPress Theme

ANN is a remarkable WordPress theme.

This is an advanced and comprehensive web design solution crafted to serve many creative purposes. Powered by the latest AI technology, this cutting-edge theme boasts seamless ChatGPT support. It is meticulously optimized to deliver exceptional performance and aesthetics across web environments.

With its full responsiveness and Retina-ready design, your website will shine on any device. ANN offers effortless editing capabilities through the user-friendly Elementor page builder.

Take advantage of the six stunning homepage demos and a plethora of pre-designed inner pages and layouts, providing you with ample options for customization.

The download package comes with all the essentials for a swift and hassle-free launch of your distinctive website.

Your AI Tool

YourAITool harness the power of AI to understand customer behavior, personalize interactions, and deliver exceptional service. 

From sentiment analysis to chatbot automation, our platform equips you with the tools to engage, retain, and delight your customers at every touchpoint. Transform your business into a customer-centric powerhouse with


Looking to enhance your graphic design skills? offers a plethora of resources, from Photoshop tutorials to design inspiration and resources. Explore the world of typography, color theory, and layout design to create visually stunning graphics that leave a lasting impression.

AddEvent - Your one stop shop for calendar and event management

AddEvent is the number #1 “Add to calendar” service on the Internet. They handle millions of events every year for entrepreneurs around the world providing them with calendar and event tools. With AddEvent, you can effortlessly create, promote, and manage events, all from one centralized platform. 

Imagine having a powerful tool that not only generates add-to-calendar links but also goes beyond that to revolutionize your event management. AddEvent started as an add-to-calendar link generator, but it has evolved into a comprehensive platform with a range of incredible features. 

You can still effortlessly share your events via email with their add-to-calendar links. But that’s not all – AddEvent also provides add-to-calendar buttons for your websites and landing pages, allowing seamless integration and enhancing the user experience. With the embeddable calendar and event lists, you can beautifully showcase your upcoming courses or events, captivating your audience from the moment they land on your page. Don’t stop there – have your customers subscribe to your calendar with the subscription calendar capabilities. You can offer your audience the option to subscribe to your calendar, ensuring they never miss an update or event, and fostering ongoing engagement with your brand. Plus, the automated add-to-calendar links take personalization to the next level, providing your users with customized links tailored just for them. 

By reducing event churn, increasing event sign-ups, and fostering long-term customer engagement, AddEvent empowers you to create unforgettable experiences that keep your attendees coming back for more, resulting in higher lifetime value and continued success for your events. Experience the full potential of AddEvent’s expanded functionality and transform your event management into an exceptional and engaging experience.

Paperform for online forms


Paperform is a flexible online form builder that lets you create surveys, quizzes, online tests, online calculators, payment forms, booking forms, and much more. The powerful form editor offers nearly unlimited customization, 27+ question type fields, and advanced workflows, so you can build the beautiful solutions you need. 

You can embed the forms on your website, or make your forms look like lead-generation landing pages. Paperform also integrates with over 2,000 popular apps and software to improve productivity and automate workflows.


Also try TeamDesk’s famous no-code solution to create web applications on your own, without any knowledge or prior experience.

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