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16 Tools to Keep Your Remote Design Team Together?

Remote Design Team

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most of the businesses have to shutter themselves at their home, thus it has become vital for them to allow them design as well as other teams to work from the comfort of their place. But before the COVID-19 outbreak, most of the organizations were already offering the opportunity to work from home.

More than 4.3 million workers in the USA prefer to work remotely at least half the time, this number is expected to grow more in the nearby future as more and more employees prefer to work from the comfort of their personal space instead of working in the traditional way.

Top Tools to Consider to Keep Your Remote Design Team Productive

As per the report, it was found that more than 86.5 million people 2027 will be freelancing in the United States only, this simply means that more than 50.9% of the total U.S. workforce will love to perform their work activity from the comfort of their home. Web designers have one of the biggest perks of a career when it comes to working remotely. As long as remote workers have internet access, they can easily work from anywhere and can be more productive even when they are working remotely.

Nowadays, endless tools and technology are available in the market, which any of the businesses consider using to enhance the productivity of their employees, including the design team. These advanced tools not only help in enhancing their performance but also helps in getting work done on the assigned deadlines without any delay. Explore the list of tools that you can consider using for improving the performance of your remote design team.  

  • Slack 


This advanced chat tool is designed efficiently for the use of the employees and businesses who are working remotely. You can consider using it for your business while considering its use. It becomes easy for a design team to share information, images, files, and more very easily and systematically than ever before using Slack. Some of the experts strongly believe that Slack is one of the best work tools for replacing email and communicating with your remote team.

  • Asana

It can prove to be one of the excellent tools when it comes to task and project management. The versatile interface of Asana allows your remote design teams to track each detail related to the project in a systematic and easy manner, this results in meeting the project deadlines. This advanced tool helps you keep your remote design team up-to-date on future timelines. End number of features and functionalities are integrated with this platform, these multiple features include:

  1. Simplify work requests.
  2. Automate due dates.
  • Abstract


This is one of the advanced tools which integrates with other tools that your remote design team is already using. Using Abstract, it becomes quite easy for remote designers to share and import any of the files they want. It makes it easy for the remote design team to work from master files and create new designs that also without losing the original version.

  • Zoom

It provides businesses with the best way to interact with their remote design team. Zoom allows you to leverage text messaging, which is considered as one of a great way to interact with other members of your team. Besides this, it allows you to conduct a video conference, which is considered fundamental for presenting feedback, ideas, and suggestions to others. It is the most useful and powerful tool that allows you to share presentation slides, host meets, schedule events, etc. Some of the features include, which improves team experience are:

  1. Video meetings.
  2. Voice calls.
  3. Webinars.
  4. File sharing.
  5. Messaging.
  • GoVisually

GoVisually streamlines the process of project delivery and approval, users can easily pinpoint annotations directly on designs to eliminate misunderstanding. Centralized feedback helps each member of the remote design team to stay up to date with the latest changes made within the project. This helps to get approval in real-time, thus resulting in saving a lot of time for both the employees as well as business.

  • Trello

This advanced tool makes it easy for your remote design team to track multiple assignments at the same time. Besides this, they can also track attach files, deadlines, organize project topics, comment on cards, and are much more integrated with the tool. Trello boards allow multiple teams to perform certain tasks togetherly. Any member of the remote team can visualize the workflow of the project by consolidating tasks and projects to cards and boards.

  • Whereby


It is the most powerful and flexible tool that avails you with video meetings directly in the browser. Now you and your remote team no longer have to face the hassle of downloading tools and no logins for guests.

Whereby can prove to be very beneficial for remote designers as it helps them to arrange meetings from the comfort of their sofas, even any member of the remote design team can share their screen with others to quickly resolve questions. If they are working on the instacart clone project for the clients, then it becomes easy for them to pitch to clients for sharing their ideas and take their opinion on the same. This advance tool provides many other benefits like:

  1. Users can record their meetings and share with their colleagues, who failed to attain it.
  2. It allows users the flexibility to join meetings from their smartphones.
  • ClickUp

It is an advanced cloud-based project management and collaboration tool which offers an end number of features to the users. Some of the features of ClickUp include:

  1. Communication and collaboration tools.
  2. Task assignments.
  3. Task statuses.
  4. Alerts.
  5. Task toolbar.
  • Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

It is a compact remote work tool that satisfies the requirements of all sizes of businesses. Troop Messenger poses high functionality and low-complexity, which makes it a perfect choice for your remote design team. It allows team members to interact through instant messaging, video, and audio calling. It also helps them to share files and locations by creating groups as per their need.

  • Dropbox

It is a compact remote work tool that satisfies the requirements of all sizes of businesses. Troop Messenger poses high functionality and low-complexity, which makes it a perfect choice for your remote design team. It allows team members to interact through instant messaging, video, and audio calling. It also helps them to share files and locations by creating groups as per their need.
  • Basecamp


It is one of the most effective real-time communication tools that helps your remote design team to stay on the same page. Basecamp provides an effective way for your team to keep track of actionable items and work priority wise to meet the deadlines more accurately. This tool includes some of the features which can help your tea work affectedly, this includes.

  1. Message boards.
  2. To-do schedules.
  3. Docs and file storage.
  4. Real-time group chat.
  5. Automatic check-in questions.
  • Doodle


It is a collaborative scheduling tool that makes it quite easy for the remote design team to arrange meets that also without the need for email back-and-forths. No matter whether your remote worker belongs to other time zones, or what size of team you are having, what matters the most is Doodle makes meetings happen anyhow whenever you want. This tool can prove to be more beneficial, especially when your remote team belongs to a different time zone.

  • InVision


The main motto of this tool is to make a design much better. InVision provides numerous tools to your remote design team, which empowers them to work fastly and together with other team members. It allows a team member to centralize their design in one place as well as visuals it while working on any project.

  • Serene

It is an open-source tool that proved to be very beneficial for both remote workers and teams. Serene enhances the efficiency of remote workers by transferring their focus on the goals with which they have to achieve. It doesn’t allow them to divert their focus to any other work until they finish their work.

  • GanttPRO


It is an impressive project management tool that allows your remote design team to manage their project online. It has numerous advanced features that differentiate GanttPRO from other all tools in the market. Some of the features which this advance tool offers are as follows:

  1. Resource management.
  2. Cost management.
  3. Time log.
  4. History of changes.
  5. Team collaboration.
  • Spark


It’s an intelligent email client that avoids the inbox from being just a productivity killer. It automatically categorizes the emails and prioritizes the emails that must be considered first when it comes to working remotely. Spark is one of the best options for your remote design team as it provides them with numerous features. This features includes:

  1. Smart inbox.
  2. Smart notifications.
  3. Assign emails.
  4. Team email.
  5. Send emails later.

Ending Note

There are many other tools that you can consider using when it comes to increasing the productivity of your remote design team. Explore and gain knowledge about how you can make use of these tools, this can result in having full control over your remote team and also helps you to guide them in a proper way to perform their assigned task in a systematic manner.

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