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10 Trending WordPress Themes of ThemeRex for 2020

Christmas has passed, and the New Year has come. At this time, web designers are struggling to find a new coat for your WordPress site.

Among countless theme vendors and countless high-quality themes, users must have always taken many factors into consideration to choose for themselves the most suitable and trending WordPress themes.

This article will give you some tips to pick the most suitable themes and suggest the bestselling ThemeRex WordPress themes in 2020 for even the strictest customers. 

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Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Themes

It’s quite hard to seek and get a theme that can meet all your needs. Therefore, before choosing something, you should answer below questions to make the most reasonable decision. 

  • How does this Theme Reflect the Brand Image?

First and foremost, a website must reflect directly on its brand because it is the face of your company on the Internet. 

Therefore, you have to find a WordPress theme that reflects the look, feel and value of your company. 

For example, if you want to convey a sense of friendliness to your visitors, a theme with the ochre tone, large font, and simple layout can be a perfect choice. Or, if you’re looking for a more trendy feel, you can find a theme with more black, blue, red tones, smaller fonts, and more information zone.

  • How does a Theme Impact the User Experience?

“How will this affect the user experience?” It is probably the first thing you need to consider when choosing a theme for your website. An appealing website should ensure that users have no trouble finding what they want on the site. To do that, the theme needs to achieve at least two elements: visual appeal and functionality.

The intuitive attraction will catch the users’ first sight when visiting your website. These may include fonts, images, and other engaging content. The main feature is that customers can find everything easily, easy to navigate, easy to use and understandable.

  • Is the Page Loading Speed Fast?

Web page loading speed also has a great influence on user experience and website efficiency. According to statistics, 57% of visitors will immediately leave a website if they have to wait more than 3 seconds.

Therefore, you should choose a relatively lightweight theme, which helps to load quickly and does not require too many plugins. 

Moreover, you can also look at the trending WordPress themes that have a clear, clutter-free layout, which creates a better user experience and makes navigation easier for site visitors.

  • Select the Theme that Web Design can Actively Support and Update the New Version

Put simply, WordPress is just a part of the software. As such, it needs to be updated regularly to add functionality and limit security holes. If you make any changes in WordPress, the theme also needs to be changed to ensure continuous compatibility. 

So, when choosing a theme for your website and a web design unit, you must ensure that the web design side will continue to support you when the new version is available.

Let’s consult carefully before choosing a theme for your website. You can visit related forums to read the reviews and comments from real customers to make sure that the theme does not often encounter errors when undergoing a slow update.

  • Choosing a SEO-friendly Theme Design

Last but not least, SEO is a crucial factor. Some themes are actually better optimized than others for a number of reasons. For example, some themes can’t be used on different screen sizes of devices. This makes a huge impact because customers now tend to access with mobile devices and tablets rather than laptops and desktops.

Design trends change over time, so you should also change the look often to keep your site modern and fresh. A website that has a classic appearance and is not updated may make visitors think that it is no longer maintained and the content on the page may not be accurate anymore.

Trending WordPress Themes of ThemeRex for 2020

Topper – Ultimate One-Stop WordPress Blog Theme

TOPPER is a new multi-purpose blog & magazine WordPress theme that helps actualize your wildest dreams. Using TOPPER, you can select the best layout from several pre-built variations.

Different layouts are divided into topics for you to quickly find the theme you are craving for. All designs are user-friendly, in a minimalist style and provide a fresh, professional color for any website design purpose.

Besides, TOPPER offers tons of engaging features to help raise the traffic and thereby boost your sales conversion rates such as layout customization, multilingual support, fully responsive design, and many more. 

Best of all, in spite of the premium features supplied by ThemeRex, charged themes remain at competitive price points, ensuring the best shopping experience for consumers.

ThemeRex has also partnered with CouponUpto in providing exclusive ThemRex coupon codes and deals. For more details, CouponUpto is an online platform who specializes in collecting and distributing the latest and hottest coupons, discount codes, promo codes and deals to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Also, consumers can find a collection of saving tips on the site for smart and modern spending habits.

Yogastudio, Gym and Healthcare WordPress Theme

The second candidate on the list is Yogastudio, a perfect WordPress theme for blogs, magazines and any health and yoga-related centers. Or if you are offering yoga courses, running a therapy center, massage, or beauty shop, Yogastudio will be the best choice.

This theme features a minimalist yet eye-catching look, healthy yet feminine color tone, promising to put a strong impression on website visitors.

Like other trending WordPress themes that ThemeRex brings, Yogastudio ensures the best features of a WordPress theme such as online classes schedule and booking, advanced schedule tables, full Woocommerce store compatibility, and outstanding gallery & post layouts.

Hope - Non-Profit, Charity & Donations WordPress Theme + RTL

If you are running a charity website or a nonprofit organization, it’s wise to choose Hope. Right from the name of this theme, it evokes the bright and belief in a happy future, which deeply moves people and motivates them to take admirable actions.

Hope is a Charity WordPress theme with a modern, impressive and colorful appearance. As mentioned above, this stunning theme will be a great assistant to help call to action and increase traffic to websites related to NGO agencies, donations, fundraising, and social program.

Especially, it also has a Give plugin to increase the forceful nature of your call.

With the capability of being compatible with premium plugins, SEO-ready and a lot more, Hope makes sure to enhance the robustness of your charity campaign and foster the performance.

Kids Planet - A Multipurpose Children WordPress Theme for Kindergarten and Playgroup

Currently, childhood education receives a lot of concerns from the society. Therefore, education WordPress themes are always among the bestselling. Educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, and playgrounds always focus on developing their websites with colors and images as close to the viewers as possible.

Kids Planet is a WordPress theme that fully meets the requirements of an educational theme. As a result, it is no coincidence that this theme is considered a trending product of ThemeRex in 2020.

Every person visiting your website must be engaging in its dynamic, youthful, friendly, yet professional look. Besides layouts, Kids Planet is responsive, allowing your site to display beautifully on a variety of devices. And tons of features help you customize your site impressively.

Street Style - Fashion & Lifestyle Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Street Style is a fashion & lifestyle personal Blog WordPress theme crafted for style trends blog, cool boutique, and aesthetic lifestyle magazine.

This theme has a dusty, unique, chic, strong and trendy appearance. Street style always bears an attractive, sexy, stylish, and elegant breath.

Because of its impressive appeal, this theme has gained its popularity and is on the best-selling list of ThemeRex.

Cloe Brooks - Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

Next is a theme for websites providing services such as health centers, hospitals, psychology, physiotherapy, medical devices, and any medical-related site. Cloe Brooks is psychology, counseling & medical WordPress theme with a light hue, gentle sophistication and tranquility.

The minimalist design of this theme always helps viewers feel secure when choosing to use your products and services.

Cloe Brooks is user-friendly with sections like booking appointments, appointments management, online forms, psychologist personal page and pricing tables, Woocommerce store.

Education Center - LMS Online University & School Courses Studying WordPress Theme

One of the trending WordPress themes favored by a majority of users is the Education Center. This theme commonly works for websites of school, online and offline courses, university and institute.

Thanks to the minimalist design, in addition to the above, you can also take advantage of the Education Center for different purposes such as art, literature, academy, architecture and many more.

This theme is made compatible with WPBakery (aka Visual Composer), LearnDash, Events Calendar, Woocommerce, Revolution Slider.

Quick Sale - Single Property Real Estate WordPress Theme

Good news for any real estate service. If you are confused about choosing a theme to catch other eyes and improve your website function, Quick Sale is a great suggestion for you.

It is not surprising that Quick Sale is the bestseller of ThemeRex. This theme bears a fresh, solid, subtle and trendy breath specially designed for real estate agencies, property, construction, building companies.

Gardenia - A Stylish Gardening Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Gardenia is a gardening WordPress Theme suitable for a personal blog, tree provider, garden owner, environmentalist or any gardening service.

Visiting your site, users will feel immersed with nature, peace, and intensely green. Gardenia is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder and WPML. You will experience all the great features of a premium theme, necessary widgets, and numerous display styles.

Windsor - Apartment Complex / Single Property WordPress Theme

Finally, Windsor deserves to be in the list of trending WordPress themes in 2020. This WordPress theme is designed with a strong, masculine look and deep tone color, suitable for the apartment complex, a single property, household, real estate agencies, and many more construction-related websites.

In a nutshell, the article has shared the experience of choosing a theme and offers trending WordPress themes for your site in 2020. Your business will grow quickly and attract more traffic if you make good use of these ways.

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