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Why Opt for Sylius When Developing your eCommerce Website?


Online shopping has allowed customers around the globe to get whatever they want at their doorsteps! This has increased the trend of online shopping around the globe. Which has further augmented the number of online eCommerce stores to serve the customers’ needs.

 Even if you are a newbie in the eCommerce business or already have a physical store, creating a well-optimized eCommerce store must be your priority. Going online is the best way to increase your reach and hence augment your sales in this era. But how would you open an online store?

 Well either you can opt for the traditional framework where you can list your products and create a page of your brand as a third-party vendor on an already developed marketplace eCommerce store. Or you can create your brand’s website and list all your products there. Looking at all the advancements, we always suggest you create your store online!

But developing a whole website from scratch takes a lot of effort. Moreover, you have to make sure that the functionality in your backend is highly optimized to ensure a smooth front end of your website. Well, what if we tell you that you can only develop the front end and not worry about the processes at the backend?

You can do this with an open source headless eCommerce platform Sylius. With Sylius, you can develop your brand website’s front end and then integrate it with an already developed and highly optimized backend with the help of APIs. This allows you to focus on what is important for you as a brand and not care about all the processes happening at the back end.

If we look at the options you have with an open-source headless eCommerce framework, then only two names come into mind; Sylius vs Magento. According to our analysis of both, we always suggest our readers go for Sylius due to its PHP Symfony-based framework. This framework allows more modifications and customizations within.


Why Opting Sylius?

We have compiled a few reasons why you must opt for Sylius when planning to develop your brand’s website!

Cost Efficient

No doubt developing your website may cost you much. But if you go for the headless eCommerce framework, and especially Sylius, then developing your brand’s website can be very cost-efficient. This is because, with this framework, you don’t have to spend extra to develop a well-optimized back end to fulfill all the processes happening on your website.

As mentioned before as well, with this framework you only have to work on the front end of your website. So, the costs of development come down significantly! Moreover, if we look at the options in headless eCommerce, then Sylius is the cheapest and the most agile.

Performance Driven

Research suggests that your website must be highly optimized to ensure that your customers don’t divert to another faster website. The loading speed of your website is directly proportional to the sales. Optimizing the back end and front end both can be a very tough task and even after trying your best, you might not get a fast website as you have imagined.

This is where the headless eCommerce framework steps in. Here, the back end of your website is already highly optimized and the only thing left to optimize is your front end. Moreover, the integration of APIs with Sylius ensures a fast-loading website for your customers as the front end and back end of your website are independent entities here.

Easy Customizations

If you have developed both the front end and back end yourself, then further customizations on your website might be a very difficult task. This is because changing anything on the front end will have a ripple effect on the processes working at the back end. This can result in a lot of work to make even small customizations to your website.

Moreover, these customizations might also take much more time than originally anticipated. To save you time and money, you can easily opt for a headless framework that allows you to customize your front end the way you want! Especially Sylius is considered the most customizable platform. 

This platform allows developers to implement simple or complex architectural changes without any issues. You can also use the plug-ins for any third-party features that might enhance the look and performance of your website.

Time Efficient

When opting for a headless eCommerce platform, it saves you much time as your developers only have to focus on the front end of your website. The back end is considered the brain of your website, so all the processes are to be developed there if you consider developing your website from scratch.

The ease of not developing the back end of your website saves you a lot of time that you can utilize on developing a highly optimized front end. Moreover, the API integration with Sylius is very easy and the developers can seek guidance easily online (if needed). So, you can say that you can develop your website in less than half of the time needed to develop an independent website.

Headless Framework or Multivendor Marketplace?

The ultimate decision between these two will only be yours. The quickest way to move your business online is by listing your products on a multivendor marketplace eCommerce platform, but it is not the most optimal decision looking at the competition in the online market these days.

 Having your brand’s website allows you to reach your customers directly and market your products the way you want to. So, you are not restricted in any way when you have your brand’s website! This being said, developing a website from scratch is a lot of effort and a time-consuming task.

Headless eCommerce framework by Sylius allows you to create your brand’s website in lesslesser time and also ensures the performance of your website. Other than the few reasons described above, several other reasons suggest every new entrant in the eCommerce market to opt for Sylius!

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