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Why Choose Magento E-commerce Store?

why to choose magento

There are a variety of eCommerce platforms that you can use to create a multi-featured and user-friendly eCommerce website. If you, however, want the best eCommerce platform, Magento is now the most prominent and extensively used option.

Interestingly, the open-source software of this platform is free for use, commercially and for individual purposes. You only need to pay for hosting and a few integrations to get your store running. And of course, you can easily get the best Magento hosting from several reputable hosting providers like GoDaddy and Cloudways.

This article explains what Magento for E-commerce is and why you need to choose it for building your online store.

What is Magento?

Magento, also known as Magento 2, is a PHP-based platform that allows business owners to build eCommerce websites. Initially released by Varien on March 31, 2008, it was built for e-commerce purposes only. 

Adobe completed its commerce loop in 2018 when it paid $1.68 billion to acquire Magento, thus aiding the expansion of this e-commerce platform in the enterprise market. Numerous businesses, including major brands like Samsung and Nike, used this to create their online store.

According to LitExtension’s internal research, Magento was one of the major three platforms for merchant migration in 2020, with only a tiny fraction of business owners choosing other platforms.

A software development company, Techliance, designated Magento as one of the top 10 eCommerce platforms for 2021.

9 Reasons Why Should You Use Magento to Create an E-Commerce Store


For corporations and individuals who wish to create standard and professional e-commerce sites, Magento should be a top priority. It will come as a surprise to know that they offer their open-source code free for commercial and personal use.

However, there are even more reasons why you should choose Magento.

Open Source Software

The fact that Magento is open source is one of the reasons why it is the most popular e-commerce platform among developers. It means that anyone familiar with a little of the coding basics will find it easy to use. You can easily download Magento 2 and install it from the web.

By designing or installing Magento modules, you can improve the efficiency of your Magento online store and market your e-commerce website with additional features and functions. The Magento Marketplace has a wide library of modules. These modules can help you improve your skills as a Magento website developer while also tracking your progress.

Responsive Customer Support

Support operations are an important aspect of every company. Whether traditional or online, it is one of the key factors in ensuring a company’s growth and success. As a result, the technical support team is well set up to help every Magento user, new or existing, effectively.

Throughout the year, Magento as a platform receives valuable updates in terms of support, security, and stability. The active community and developers contribute to the platform’s improvement for a better user experience, ensuring that Magento meets the highest e-commerce standards. 

Multitask Features

We all love to multitask, and Magento is no exception. One of the beautiful features of using Magento for e-commerce is that you can execute numerous jobs at once, allowing you to focus on other critical duties while monitoring the operation of your Magento website. 

Multitasking is very effective for time management and increases the speed of operations in an e-commerce store. Merchants and developers can also use the CMS’s single and user-friendly admin panel to handle all of their merchandise, billings, and customer information.

High Performance

Magento eCommerce is the clear victor in terms of website load time, query processing time, and other dynamic or static processes. It ensures that your website runs smoothly and performs optimally while consuming as few server resources as possible.

According to, a few hundred milliseconds of latency in processing a customer’s request is all you need to lose a sale or conversion. 

When combined with cutting-edge technologies like Varnish, Memcached, Redis, FPC, and improved database choices, Magento can meet the needs of e-commerce enterprises and their customers.


We all like to be in charge, and Magento, as an e-commerce platform, allows users to do just that. You can still have an outstanding setup experience with the built-in drag and drop feature, even if you are not a design geek.

As a developer, you have complete control over your e-commerce website’s functions.

With the right approach to Magento development, you can further enhance your online store’s functionality and user experience.

It’s worth noting when you hire Magento developers that can create a unique and beautiful user experience for different screen sizes by tweaking some CSS code here and there.

Awesome Mobile Experience

The majority of online sales are made on mobile devices, so you should put more effort into catering to your mobile-savvy customers. Magento-created e-commerce stores can operate on every device, from mobile to desktop.

The Magento platform supports HTML5 and CSS customizations to improve the shopping experience on mobile devices. It also allows you to change the image size and supports embedding videos for different sections, including product descriptions. You can personalize anything on the Magento e-commerce website. 

SEO Friendly

No matter how beautiful your store is, if it remains hidden, then it is not worth setting up. Search engine optimization (SEO). With the Magento CMS, you can have your store show up on SERPs for your preferred optimized keywords. There is no need to go around building backlinks or domain authority when Magento has already made all that possible on its platform.

Magento is a search engine optimization (SEO) friendly platform. There is access to features that help your e-commerce website rank higher in search engines and make it easier for your customers to find you online. 

Ease of Integration 

Magento for e-commerce websites enables you to swiftly integrate third-party services such as payment gateways, database applications, transportation, shipping, and order tracking, among others. 

Additionally, the Magento platform has built-in Google technologies like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base to help you track the success of your website while keeping an eye on the latest Magento e-commerce trends.

Multiple Methods of Payment

Stores with multiple payment methods tend to make more sales than those without. It is because customers can make payments by selecting their preferred payment method, especially in countries where some payment methods are restricted.

Cash on delivery,, PayPal, Amazon Payment, Google Checkout, bank transfer, and other payment methods are all supported by Magento. The open-source platform can assist you in easily incorporating multiple payment alternatives into your online store.

Wrapping Up

Choosing an eCommerce platform that meets your needs and budget is critical. Magento is a good option because of its numerous features and functions, which are less expensive compared to other e-commerce platforms out there.

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