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Turn Your Anesta-Powered Community Website Into a Stunning iOS and Android App


Today, having a robust online community is a powerful way to connect people, share ideas, and build relationships. ThemeREX, the creative minds behind the popular Anesta, AncoraThemes, and AxiomThemes, have taken community engagement to the next level by collaborating with Zipline to offer an exceptional package. This groundbreaking partnership allows you to transform your Anesta-powered website into a captivating and functional iOS and Android app, enhancing your community’s reach and impact.

Introducing Your Community App: Elevate Engagement and Interactions

Integrating an app into your community-powered platform can make all the difference in enhancing user experience and engagement. Zipline’s cutting-edge app platform is designed to cater to your community’s specific needs, delivering a feature-rich service that ensures your members stay connected and informed.

If you are looking to further enhance your app’s capabilities, consider using Fleek, an innovative app builder that offers additional customization and integration options, making it even easier to tailor your community app to meet specific requirements.

Introducing Your Community App: Elevate Engagement and Interactions

Optimized Community Groups

Community groups lie at the heart of any thriving online platform. The iOS and Android app experience has been meticulously tailored to make group interactions seamless. Members can post, reply, receive notifications, and even create groups within the app.

Live Chat

Elevate your community’s vibrancy with a live chat feature reminiscent of WhatsApp. The chat functionality, complete with app notifications, facilitates dynamic interactions and ensures members never miss out on community chatter.

Device Notifications

Device Notifications

With app notifications’ power, you can inform your community members in real-time. Whether those are essential announcements, event updates, or new discussions, device notifications ensure that your community remains top of mind.

Tailored Design

Your app is an extension of your brand identity. Every aspect of the app’s design – from the custom home icon and launch screen to the in-app design elements – resonates with your brand, creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

Member Pages

Encourage your community members to express themselves through the app. Robust communication tools empower member-to-member interactions, enriching the overall community experience.

Transform Your Community with an App

Transform Your Community with an App

Zipline’s expertise can seamlessly translate your community into a compelling app. Designed and crafted by Zipline experts, the app becomes integral to your community’s growth strategy.

Tuned to Your Needs: Your App, Your Way

Customization is at the forefront of the Zipline-Anesta collaboration. Every detail, from the app’s icon and launch screen to navigation and features, is tailored to match your preferences. The app is published under your name for your community members.

Incredible User Experience: Engage and Connect

The app experience is designed to foster a deep connection between your members and your community. Speed, security, and user-friendliness converge to create an engaging and seamless experience.

Power Up Your Platform: Beyond the App

Your journey doesn’t stop with the app. Zipline offers an array of platform enhancements to enrich your community’s functionality further. The Custom Development service also empowers you to create personalized experiences for you and your members.

The Anesta Community Package

New to Anesta? The Anesta Community Package is your all-inclusive solution. Powered by the latest WordPress and BuddyPress technologies, the package comes with expert setup and configuration bolstered by Zipline’s suite of community plugins.

The ThemeREX Community Package isn’t just about apps; it’s a holistic solution. With a 15% discount, this package includes everything you need to launch your ThemeREX-Powered Community on the iOS and Android App Store.

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Full-Service Hosting: Where Your Community Resides

A thriving community needs a stable home. Zipline’s hosting services guarantee a responsive platform with 99%+ uptime, ensuring your community is accessible to members across the globe.

Bespoke Solutions with Custom Development

Recognizing that every community is unique, Zipline offers Custom Development services. Tailor your website, app, or both to your specifications, tapping into Zipline’s expert developers and fixed-price proposals.

A Strong Foundation: WordPress, BuddyPress, and Anesta

Your community’s core is powered by WordPress, BuddyPress, and Anesta – a trio that ensures stability, flexibility, and scalability. You have a solid base for future growth with Zipline’s software and services.

Zipline's Versatile Use Cases

Zipline extends its capabilities beyond conventional boundaries. Their expertise extends to diverse community projects, exemplified by their collaboration with ThemeREX. Let’s delve into some of the promising use cases where Zipline has showcased its prowess:

  • Fintech Community Hub. Imagine a dynamic ecosystem where investors converge for training, events, and collaboration. With WordPress and premium plugins, Zipline can craft a comprehensive platform. In this fintech community hub, mentors can organize events, sell tickets, and generate revenue. Moreover, adding a media-focused iOS and Android app elevates user engagement, while enhanced live chat functionalities rival industry standards. Data control remains paramount, ensuring business owners retain full autonomy over their valuable information.
  • Vinyl Record Crowdfunding Platform. For the music industry, Zipline’s magic extends to vinyl record crowdfunding. Empowering bands and artists to connect with their fans for vinyl print crowdfunding campaigns, this community-powered platform boasts a WordPress foundation and highly customized code. Bands and artists can create and manage their artist pages, utilizing a unique vinyl ‘configurator’ to price their records. Deep integration with third-party payment and CRM platforms ensures seamless automation, making dreams of vinyl records a reality for artists and their supporters.
  • E-Learning Multi-Site. Global e-learning organizations benefit immensely from Zipline’s expertise. Enabling the creation of multiple learning platforms with WordPress multisite, this solution prioritizes data portability and customized interfaces. Thanks to Zipline’s streamlined approach, partners no longer require intensive training to use WordPress CMS. Integrated e-commerce channels and membership-based controls enhance premium service delivery. 

In each of these scenarios, Zipline’s commitment to innovation shines through. The ability to transform community websites into immersive iOS and Android apps opens up new horizons for engagement, interaction, and growth. Customization, user-friendliness, and security are at the forefront, ensuring each app resonates with its unique community.

Beyond the app, Zipline offers a suite of platform enhancements complementing the community’s functionality. From full-service hosting to bespoke solutions via Custom Development services, Zipline provides a strong foundation and ongoing support.

Elevate Your Community Experience

An app can bridge your community WordPress website to new heights in a world driven by digital connections. The partnership between AncoraThemes and Zipline empowers you to create a unified and engaging ecosystem, fostering connections, interactions, and growth. With customization, expert support, and innovative features, your community’s transformation into a stunning iOS and Android app is now within reach. Embrace the future of community engagement – seamlessly delivered by AncoraThemes and Zipline.

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