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Training A Remote Team: Delivery Methods That Improve Impact

Remote Team

Training remote employees started as an engagement and productivity activity during the pandemic for many businesses.

However, as we spent months and weeks confined to our respective homes, it became increasingly clear that remote working is going to be a huge part of the workplace in the coming months.

In a survey by Gartner, 82% of business leaders said that they have plans to let at least some of their employees continue working from home, even if it is part-time.

Naturally, such employees will need to be trained virtually and remotely. After all, no manager would like that the one or two days their team members are coming to work, they are spending hours getting trained.

Just like with every other aspect of working remotely and managing and dealing with remote teams, training them is a new concept for a majority of HR and learning and development professionals across the globe. As a result, making sure that the impact of the employee training experience doesn’t dip has emerged as a challenge.

The truth is, many businesses will have to rethink every aspect of their current approach towards employee training. One of the most influential aspects, however, will obviously be delivery, since delivery of training material has been affected the most by the remote working trend.

If you have found yourself struggling with ensuring better and more impactful delivery of training to the employees at your organization, you have come to the right place.

In the following sections, we will be discussing the methods you can utilize to improve the impact of the training you are delivering to your remote employees.

Without delay, let’s jump right into it:

Microlearning To Address Fleeting Attention

Working from home hasn’t turned out as enjoyable as the idea seemed before it became a mandate. Over the months, employees across different industries and companies have found themselves struggling with problems like loneliness, low productivity, and a lack of focus because of the distractions they face while working from home.

While hard-skill training usually cannot help deal with all those problems, it can be designed to cope with the distractions that the employees face while learning from home. Employing the microlearning approach is one of the most effective ways to deliver training that is easily and quickly consumable.

This way, an employee can consume training content in the small windows of quiet time that they may find throughout the day. Microlearning also ensures that every time an employee consumes training content for even a few minutes, they are walking away with at least a single takeaway and new knowledge.

Think Mobile First

There are hardly any professionals that are working from home who don’t have access to a smartphone. 

Making training available on these phones makes it much more accessible for your employees. Mobile-based delivery of training content, when combined with microlearning, will provide your learners with incredible flexibility, helping them progress quickly.

The best part is, most leading learning management systems like Trainual, Learn Dash, iSpring Solutions, and others support mobile-based delivery.

Video-Based Lessons

Video-Based Lessons

Video-based lessons complement the other delivery methods discussed in the previous sections. Video lessons are more engaging and require less effort from the learner. 

Not to forget, most of us watch at least a few videos every week and some of us watch several videos every day. Chances are that the same is true for your learners. If you deliver training through a format that your learners are already used to consuming, you can expect them to be more engaged.


The ability to work from anywhere, at any time, is one of the most pressing reasons behind the popularity of the remote working model. A training experience delivered in the form of short video lessons available on mobile devices perfectly complements the lifestyle of a remote employee and thus, has a better chance at engaging them.

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