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Top 7 Key Features Online Customers Demand from an Online T-shirt Store

Online T-shirt Store

The latest buzz in the apparel industry is to create customized casuals and everyday wear. The clothes that top this department are t-shirts with jazzy messages. Well, for entrepreneurs who want to barge in a profitable business, this kind of eCommerce setup will certainly work. However, there is a lot of competition in this field as there are seasoned players as well as amateurs, all running the race to win. 

As per reports by Grand View Research, the global revenue generated by the T-shirt printing industry equated to a whopping $3.64 billion. As per IBIS World, by 2021 the sales of the digital T-shirt printing industry will cross $516.4 million. Such high numbers hint towards the success of web to print stores but, there is a lot to be done and taken care of.

T-shirt printing industry

It may seem simple but the success mantra for an online print shop is actually quite rare. People need to be really innovative in their thought, design, action as well as pricing. They can’t afford to lose out on customers as any other brand which wins the customer’s trust is likely to get repeat visits from them.

Therefore, hitting the nail in one shot is important as customers always want a modern lifestyle brand to look more professional.

For this, it is significant that the design tool for the printing business must offer exceptional facilities to customers. This calls for a meticulous thought process and investment in an exclusive t-shirt printing software. Startups need to offer something that no brand offers, something that allows creating tees that are unique yet relatable. 

Must-haves in any t-shirt designing software: 

  • Advanced clipart management tool works wonders! 

Once the categories are well in place, it is important to offer the best t-shirt printing software. The first thing to watch out for in this software is an excellent clipart management tool with advanced features. Customers will love a functionality that facilitates them to add their inimitable designs and personalized art. Along with this, let them check other effects like resize and crop. This will give them a complete idea of how the t-shirt will look and feel. Advanced clipart management tool gives an edge to a normal eCommerce site to make it the best t-shirt design website. 

t-shirt designing software
  • Give them color options! 

Apparel design is incomplete without color combinations. The idea is to let the customers play with the design and color. They should be able to check if their self-created design goes well with their favorite color or not. The online t-shirt design store must offer various color options and most importantly, showcase colors that are in trend and justify the niche. As colors complete the visual image of the t-shirt, a color management feature will be of great help to convert leads into customers. 

  • Allow them to create a custom design and preview it!
custom design

Without an iota of doubt, the store must offer a preview to complete the vision of designing a t-shirt. The eCommerce print shop should have the feature to upload custom images on the tees. For example, a doctor who loves Donald duck will love the design of the cartoon with a stethoscope. This kind of stuff is possible only if the print shop offers customized designs with a preview. It simplifies the process of design as well as pleases the customer enough to hit the print button, which is the sole purpose of any web to print website. 

  • Common features to support custom design! 

Apart from the customization features, the t-shirt design software must offer general functions that improve personalization. Functions like flipping the images in different dimensions, adding numbers, etc. play a vital role in giving a satisfying experience to the visitor. It is a sure-shot way of converting a lead into a long-term customer. Make sure that the print store software offers these features and everything that simplifies digital t-shirt design. 

For those who prefer to watch the video, here is a quick overview of how t-shirt design software works:

  • T-shirt designing software for all screens! 

With 62% of the population using mobile phones to browse eCommerce stores, it is needless to say that the online print store should have a responsive character. As per statistics, more than 50% of internet traffic is formed by browsing through mobiles. Therefore, any web to print store should run not only on the desktop but also give the same experience on mobiles, laptops, and tablets. The designing tool must perform with the equal caliber on all platforms. Keep away from slow load time and other functional delays and downtime of any kind, to win the customer. 

A mobile app will be an added advantage as stats suggest that nearly 53% of smartphone users purchase from mobile apps. Moreover, global statistics of the last six months suggest that 79% of online purchase orders came through mobile phones. This makes it all the more important to create a design tool that works on all screens and all platforms. 

The Conclusion

Entrepreneurs wanting to build an online t-shirt printing store must ensure that they offer the best t-shirt designer software to their visitors. Irrespective of the niche, the store will get exponential success if the craft matches the creation.

When visitors find exceptional design elements with quality fabric and print, they are likely to come back to the same online print shop, time and again.

They will become loyal customers provided they get the best t-shirt designing software and designs of their choice in their budget. In a nutshell, a fully functional design tool will pave the way for a skyrocketing success so, focus on it. 

All the Best!

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