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Top 5 Gimmicks That Will Make Employees Happier

happy employees
Office workers spend a huge part of their lives at work. Often it is 7-8 hours a day, which is most of the day. If a person spends most of the day feeling dissatisfied and sad, this leads to disorders, unproductivity and even depression. In order for your employees to be happy, it is necessary to create a favorable communication microclimate. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Clear Work Structure

It may seem obvious, but a clear, understandable work structure for everyone is the basis for the success of any company. An intelligent employee is a happy employee. In order to make the system as transparent as possible, think about the daily stages of each employee’s work.

Create an online daily planner for the convenience of setting tasks, create a system of adaptation and training for new employees and request feedback on the level of comfort in the workplace. There is no limit to fantasy here! Come up with and use what is convenient for you!

Physical Comfort

Pay attention to the physical condition and health of employees and make an investment in it. For example, purchase a table with height adjustment. Today, designers are puzzled not only by creating a beautiful office, but also a useful one.

The main task now is to take care of the health of employees who spend a lot of time at work due to the large number of tasks and their intensity. It’s no secret to anyone: when working while sitting, an employee slouches – this leads to the appearance of osteochondrosis; sitting close to the monitor – this harms vision; incorrectly adjusts the height of the seat – by the end of the day, the legs hurt and swell.

In order to make the life of employees more mobile, it is possible to organize separate mini-sports halls in the office, place sports equipment in the office, purchase corporate subscriptions to fitness clubs for your employees.

Individual Awards

An individual approach is always nice. It is necessary to use an individual approach not only in communication with customers, but also in communication with employees. Management should be interested in the hobbies of employees and build a motivation system around the characteristics of each employee. Employees will be pleased to know that you care about their interests. And in return you will get a good job.

"Gimmicks" in the Interior


Analyze your interior. Perhaps you should include some gimmicks that can optimize the working conditions of employees. For example, you can start using “smart” films for glass partitions. By themselves, glass partitions as a type of space zoning have been present for a long time. Partitions are a much more convenient solution than additional walls. Partitions let in and retain daylight, and the office space itself visually remains the same voluminous.

However, there is a downside. Glass walls do not provide the necessary level of privacy and privacy for employees. The solution to this problem is various self-adhesive films that can be applied to the surface of the partition in the form of a pattern, simple geometric shapes or solid pasting of a certain area of glass.


Finally, let’s talk about one of the most important processes in the work – getting feedback. It is important to show that every employee contributes to the success of the company. This will serve as an additional means of motivating staff. It is much more important to involve employees in the decision-making process and pay attention to their ideas and opinions. Don’t limit yourself to the phrase “good job”, listen to what each employee wants to say.

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