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Envato Purchase Code is Invalid or Used

Purchase Code is Invalid or was Previously Used

Sometimes when you try to activate the theme you may see some error messages like:
“Your purchase code is invalid! Theme is not activated! Check your code – maybe it’s from another theme”
“Your purchase code was previously used”
“You’ve exceeded the number of activations”


Theme is not activated! Reason: This purchase code is already in use on a different domain. If you want to activate the theme, purchase another license. If you feel you received this message by mistake, check this guide:

error message

Due to Envato/ThemeForest exclusivity and security policy some authors implement a purchase code verification system.
There are several reasons why the activation may fail:

1. Envato Purchase Code is Incorrect

In order to find the correct Purchase Code:
1) Log into your Envato Market account.
2) Go to your Downloads.
3) Click ‘License certificate & purchase code’ (available as PDF or text file).

4) Once it is downloaded, open the PDF document with your Purchase key:
5) Copy this license key and paste it to your Purchase Code field.

2. The Purchase Code has been already Used on a Different Site

Envato allows 1 license for 1 project located on 1 domain. It means that 1 purchase key can be used only for 1 site. Each additional site will require an additional purchase key.

However, there are some cases when you need to use the same purchase key:

1) When you move your site from the test domain to another one.

2) When you move your site from your local server.

In this case, you need to “Disconnect” your purchase key from the previous domain first. It can be done in your Theme Panel – Theme Dashboard:


Once you disconnect your purchase key from your previous domain, you can use it on your new one.

Please Note! The site with disconnected purchase key will not be able to receive demo content, premium plugins, support, updates, fixes, etc.

What if you don’t see a “Disconnect” button or your site was accidentally removed before “disconnection”?

If you accidentally removed your WordPress installation without purchase code disconnection, please use this 1-time disconnection service.

*Some themes do not have the domain connection tool integrated. There is a limit for 5 purchase code activations, instead. This service allows you to drop this limit and have one more attempt to activate the theme.


3. The Number of Allowed Activation Attempts was Exceeded.

In case the Purchase key was used multiple times within a short period of time the activation may fail.

In case the purchase key is attempted to be applied on different sites, then the theme should be purchased again for each domain.

If the duplicate activations occurred by accident, please contact a ThemeREX Customer Support Center with your purchase code and a detailed explanation of your case.

FAQ about Envato Purchase Code

Where to find Envato purchase code?

One of the most popular questions is where to find Envato purchase code? or how to find Envato purchase code?

In fact it is rather easy to do.

1. Login to your Envato Market account (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, etc).

2. Go to your Downloads on through the top panel:

downloads purchase code

3. Click ‘License certificate & purchase code’ (PDF / Text).


4. When the file is downloaded open it and find a ThemeForest purchase code.


5. Copy Envato purchase code and use it to activate your theme or plugin.

Is there a difference between Envato license key and a purchase code on Envato?

Envato purchase code, envato market license, purchase key and the license key is the same thing. It’s a unique key that contains numbers and letters. You receive it upon purchase.

Moreover, when one says ThemeForest purchase code or ThemeForest purchase key / license key it’s the same thing as the Envato license key. So, purchase code ThemeForest = purchase code Envato.

Do I need Envato Elements Token for theme activation?

Yes, if the theme was downloaded on Envato Elements website, you need to enter the Envato Elements token to make sure that the theme was downloaded from the marketplace by a real and active Envato Elements user. 

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