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Pantone 2021 WordPress Themes. Yellow & Grey Color Scheme?

Pantone 2021 WordPress themes

In this digital era, the importance of having an online presence has increased. The popularity of the internet and the internet world’s growth have been the critical element in increasing demand for websites and mobile apps. Today, every business person is keen on having at least a website for their business to have their online presence and grow their venture in the online world. It is essential to have a website, but the more important is to have a perfect website that is aesthetically and technically correct.

The advanced methodology will help you design a technically sound website that is flawless in terms of performance.

WordPress is the first strike on the mind when it comes to creating websites, and it is one of the popular platforms that enable hassle-free and ready-to-tap-in websites. In the current internet world, there are 75 Million websites powered by WordPress. Thus, technology will play its part in creating flawless websites, but at the same time, it is essential to have a website that has a pleasing and attractive color combination that is trending.

When we talk about colors, one should always get reminded of Pantone. Pantone is a color management and combination industry that is very popular for giving a solid color combination that is aesthetically correct. It is used for various purposes like graphic design, attractive website design, fashion, printing, etc., use the PMS (Pantone Matching System).

WordPress also offers the Pantone theme for the users who wish to have their PMS-style website. Every year Pantone releases the color of the year, and for the year 2021, the color is Yellow & Grey. Let’s see some exceptional themes which will fulfill your requirements of PMS style in 2021.

Qwery - Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

Qwery - Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

The Qwery is an excellent and flawless multi-purpose theme that will be a trending theme in 2021.

Most necessarily, it fulfills the criteria of having an aesthetically correct website by having the latest color of year integrated. It is always good to be with the trend, and especially when you have a business website, you couldn’t afford to be out of trend.

This theme will be proved the best for you, and if you have a creative mind, you can create something magical. The simple yet effective features and functionality makes it one of the go-to themes for creating your website.

Vapester | Creative Cigarette Store & Vape Shop WooCommerce Theme

Vapester | Creative Cigarette Store & Vape Shop WooCommerce Theme

Vapester is the latest and fresh WordPress theme with a clean design that looks attractive. It is also considered a Pantone WordPress theme. It is specifically designed to create a website for online commerce, vape shops online.

Although, it can be used for your online business as it is compatible enough to adapt to any business model. It is the theme that is Pantone color friendly and very popular and trending.

A complete readymade solution with exclusive features and functions which help in easy management of the website. It is a modern solution that incorporates simple drag and drop facilities for content management. 

Classter | A Colorful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Classter is another classic-looking WordPress theme that fulfills the combination of the Pantone color of the year. It is an attractive Pantone WordPress theme that can be used for different purposes and niches. Its adaptive power is impressive, and one can easily create excellent and aesthetically pleasing websites using this theme.

This theme is prevalent because of its ability to attract visitors and catch easy attention. Again the functions and features it offers are outstanding and meet all your requirements for running the website. The pre-built pages it provides are very convenient for creating the website. Other than that, quick customization and editing make it more flexible to use Classter as your website theme. 

Marcell | 20+ Layouts Multi-Concept Personal Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Marcell is one of the adaptable and present-day WordPress frames, one of the trendy Pantone themes. The eye-catchy plans and layouts it offers for having a site are exceptionally satisfying, making the clients lean towards this subject. It is generally viable with blog writings, yet one uses it for various purposes, and it will turn out impeccably for you.

It is planned with the utilization of Elementor, which makes it adaptable to add various components and updates to the site without any problem. The straightforward yet slick-looking layouts are certainly the theme to pay special attention to your Pantone WordPress topic in 2021.

Hobo – Digital Nomad Travel Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme


A WordPress template for an art school and teaching drawing. The authors imply that with this theme you can promote both offline studio and online courses. Thematic design in a very beautiful color scheme will vividly illustrate the artistic and aesthetic taste of the owners of the resource. Some pre-packaged course options are included such as sketching, watercolor drawing, working with a comic book, etc. All the main plugins used in WordPress are supported. You can ask the theme authors for PSD-files to customize the design in the graphics editor.


The Pantone WordPress theme fulfills all your requisites, including the technical and non-technical aspects required for your website. When it comes to Pantone themes, it doesn’t mean that all the focus will be on the colors and combination.

The full-fledged and technically sound website is what your real requirement is, and these are the themes that will fulfill both the technical and non-technical requirements.

WordPress is one of the famous platforms, and these themes will not let you down and meet all your needs; and with a range of themes, you can choose as per your requirement and complete your website.

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