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Paid and Organic: Search Engine Marketing for Your E-commerce Business

Search Engine Marketing for Your E-commerce Business

Generating your first sale for your store online can be quite a difficulty especially when there are a lot of competitors out there using different tactics and strategies in promoting their website. From hiring influencers, enhancing social media presence to paid advertisements and etc. But the main factor in managing your business online and generating sales through it is the visibility. Improving the visibility of the store website in search engine result pages and creating traffic has a vital role in E-commerce sites. Without visibility, no one will buy your products because no one will know that it exists. 

Having great products won’t yield to sales and that is why you will need a proper marketing that will sustain the site relevancy in search engines for people to come and visit. Now if you have people coming, it sure won’t be long to process your first order. Here are some things you need to know to process your first online order.

Marketing Strategies for Your Website

In order to have a successful launch for your E-commerce site, there are two types of marketing that you need to focus on. This marketing strategy will help you increase the presence of your store online and create more orders because it is the key to building your brand. 

  • Raise brand awareness

This marketing plan totally depends on your type of business and product. For some, promotion of products with the help of influencer might be the best or using YouTube for paid advertisement and even sponsored posts that attract people to be aware of the brand. Through this marketing, it will help your business become more known in the digital world.

  • Visibility in Search Engine 

In order to create more traffic to your site, this marketing plan should be well established on day to day basis. Having more people to search your website or click your product links has a higher chance of generating more sales and increasing the number of consumers for your products. In that journey, you may decide to achieve that goal by working with Shopify PPC management services or trying to boost visibility through organic traffic.

Paid and Organic Traffic

In order to implement your marketing strategy that will allow you to be visible in any searches, you need to increase website traffic and there are two ways on how to do that.

  • Paid Traffic

In Paid Traffic, increasing visibility in search engine pages is done by paid advertising that comes from search engine. They are distinguished from various kinds of sponsored results whether they are explicit pay per click advertisements product results or other results where the search engine is paid either for showing the result or for clicks on the result. Having this as your choice of search engine marketing will result your website to appear on the top of the page.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of online advertising. The labels in the paid search is shown as “sponsored” or “Ad” in search engine pages.

  • Organic Traffic

Having organic traffic means people clicked on your site in the search pages without paying for it. This generally happens when you are successfully raising more awareness to your brand through the efforts of optimizing search engine and your own social media marketing.

Paid vs Organic: Which Traffic Source is Better

seo marketing

Now you might wonder how to choose the best traffic source for marketing your brand and some people say organic is better because it is free and shows that consumers generally click the site while others say paid is better because it is much faster to generate traffic. But here are some cons and pros in both sources:

Paid Search Traffic


  • results appear at the top of the page
  • gets more clicks at the start
  • hassle-free
  • highly optimized designed for generating more backlinks
  • good for new sites for more exposure


  • can be costly especially for new e-commerce sites
  • less clicks on the long run
  • will not maintain the traffic source which can be risky
  • fewer return traffic
  • if it fails to generate traffics, it is possible to lose a huge amount of money
  • not advised to be used for a long run

Organic Search Traffic


  • higher chances of return traffic
  • having loyal consumers
  • has a sustainable approach in directing traffic
  • free and cheaper that paid advertisements
  • it is much better for the long run


  • difficult to achieve the visibility in search engine pages
  • less traffic at first and more hassle
  • need to optimize search engine
  • can be for a long run but need to maintain the SEO (search engine optimization)

Both sources have some pros and cons that needed to be observed in the marketing of your E-commerce website but generally, organic search traffic is much better than paid traffic because it yields higher traffic that can be consistent and even increase for a long time. While paid traffic increases more on the initial start, it is costly and has been proven to have fewer clicks over the years. Some people have a bias against paid websites that are shown in search pages and they technically avoid clicking results that are known to be advertisements. Paid traffic source shows to be less effective as the preference of some people are established and now even using search browser that prevents ads or blocking ads. This is why in creating traffic for your E-commerce sites, it is better to promote it with the help of unpaid marketing in sites and coming up with more contents that are SEO friendly

  • SEO or search engine optimization is used in the process of attaining organic traffic and create more awareness for your brand name and website products
  • By having relevant terms, proper keyword and quality contents for your website, it will allow more chances of increasing visibility throughout the search engine pages, website links and other social media pages that are run through in users homepages.

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