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Page Authority: Influence on SEO and How to Improve It

Page authority

Increasing link mass is a well-known practice in SEO. Lots of time and efforts are spent on it, but few specialists take page authority scores into account before posting a backlink. In this article, PRposting will help you find out what page authority is and how to improve it.

Understanding Page Authority

In short, Page Authority is a quality score Google gives to each page and domain. This score among hundreds of other factors decides how high a website will show in search results. The ranking algorithm for search results itself is kept a secret.

Placing backlinks would be overwhelming if every resource had to be checked manually. Luckily, there are services that provide an assessment of a PA score. Webmasters can then use it to find not only the best websites, but their best page to post a link to.

Role of PA in SEO

In general, the better resources you choose as donors for links, the better search results you will get. Google not only measures the number of links but takes their quality into account as well. If the page has a good ranking for relevant keywords it is also a point in its favor.

Though calculating Page Authority with online services is convenient and can save SEO specialists lots of time, it doesn’t eliminate the need for manual checks. In some cases, Moz and Ahrefs give low scores to good resources. So the final decision should be made by a specialist.

This metric can be crucial if you provide services that are in a specific niche where you need to be very recognizable and have high authority on search engines, this is very often utilized in Travel SEO because the accommodations are often considered to be highly effective with higher Page Authority.

How is PA Scored?


Now as we know what page authority is, the next logical question is how it’s calculated. There are 40 indicators provided by the Mozscape index, an analog of the Google crawler algorithm, that is used to determine this score. These include the website’s trustworthiness, which is determined by the value of its content, contributing links, and much more. The PA is not constant and can change as the website develops and improves.

Tips for Improving PA

PR posting is happy to share ways to improve PA. Though the score depends on multiple factors link profile is considered the most significant one, so it is better to focus on it. Here is what you can do:

  • remove spammy blog links
  • build links to credible projects
  • make regular content updates
  • invest in content that people would want to share

Only improving content without link building will take longer to work, but the best link profile won’t work with low-quality content.

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