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What Are Next WordPress Development Trends To Be Expected In 2018?

In the previous year, there were many new introductions like video headers, enhanced user experience, API, etc. Businesses rated them the best WordPress development trends. What do you expect next as the competitive trends for the year 2018?

It’s 2018 and WordPress users are waiting for the other trending techniques that can help them build their WP solutions user-friendly and more exciting. According to the recent releases, it has been revealed that you can expect better things that may be related to updated versions or the development trends.

In its successful period of 14 years, WordPress has gained a tremendous niche in the web development industry among professionals who are sharing their knowledge within the community and newbies. who are trying to learn WordPress.  Even, it has surprised us by its great contribution in the web development domain. It gave many things to the web world. And now, it is the time to reveal many more surprises from the bundle of WordPress platform.

This blog has been drafted to make everything clear about previous, current and upcoming trends that will dominate the web world due to their existence in WP websites.

Let’s check out, how the latest WordPress trends 2018 shape the web development world and what is the scope of these trends for upcoming years?

Mobile- First Theme Will Bring Better Results

This is the concept which has brought a huge revolution in the entire web world. The way mobile-first technology appeared, it has changed the way people browse things on the Internet. Although the concept is not new, it has become one of the prime choices of users to access only mobile-friendly websites that have features to pull out the meaning of the page you are currently browsing. Mobile-compatible WordPress websites are in the discussion from a couple of years and it will be on the top in upcoming years too.

Multipurpose & VR-optimized Themes Be The Need Of The Hour

Multipurpose themes as the name suggest are used for accommodating different needs while developing a WordPress. These themes are used and allow developers to build elegant websites by integrating a gamut of features. You can customize the things as per your needs with the options available in the theme. On the other hand, VR-optimized themes have come up with a trending concept which is associated with the entertainment app and game industry. Now, with the introduction of VR headsets, people have become more curious to see the results when the WordPress websites are supported by this modern technique.

Proper Encryption And Adoption of HTTPS

Google introduced strict and aggressive guidelines for the security reasons of the websites. The company decided to approve only those websites to run freely that have transformed their address from HTTP to HTTPS. Every entrepreneur is now forced to use HTTPS as it helps websites not to be counted among the unsafe ones. It ensures a trust in the eyes of users that the website is secure in all manners. This trend was extended in the year 2017 and will be compulsory for all the websites in upcoming years.

Parallax Effect Will Be In The Limelight

We have seen the use of Parallax effect in video games. But soon, this trend will be used as the mandatory part of WordPress design and development. In 2018, when you think of having web development services, this trend will appear on the top of the list as it will become the main designing trend to provide scrolling feature to the websites. Additionally, it works with multiple backgrounds that move according to the user’s cursor movements and create 3D effects to provide an interesting browsing experience.

Video Headers Will Roll Out With More Power

As we already discussed that video headers were the new concept for previous years and now the businesses are familiar with its attributes. The concept of video headers was the gift which was introduced with the advent of WordPress’s Twenty Seventeen Theme. Today, many WordPress developers try to use video technology on their websites. The craze among users and developers for video headers will increase in the current and next years. You can expect much more from video headers in the future.

Role of Typography Will Increase

Typography is also picking momentum with the increasing importance of rich content in web design and development. This is because users are smarter and focus on content appearance along with the content quality. Implementing excellent typography features can help here to achieve uniform look and appeal for the website. Users always want to see the web page which is creative and contain content with similar font and text size. This helps users read the information and stay on the page for long.

WordPress & Ecommerce Will Together Create Masterpieces

Today, WordPress is used to develop e-commerce websites and in the future, the ratio may increase up to a great extent. It is a plus point that WordPress and eCommerce are integrated together to provide users’ an exciting experience to shop from a fully-dynamic platform. The popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce has made e-commerce development easier for WordPress developers. They make all it possible by incorporating conventional coding to make the content management system not only intuitive but also fully-optimized to get traffic over the web. Furthermore, your customers’ data will be even more secure due to Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates!

SAAS Model Will Become A Protective Mode

Preserving uniqueness of the website is crucial for the current competitive era. Although, website owners follow many security guidelines to protect their site but still, people copy their codes and ideas from the web. This is the result of a plethora of plugins available over the web. One can easily access the codes and change them according to their website requirements. This process violates the copyrights and discourages WP developers who are associated. SAAS comes in the picture as an ultimate solution where widgets can be converted into protected code format. This trend has come up in the industry and expected to get a high rise in 2018.


Microinteractions are the task-based interactions that a user has with a device or user interface. These are the little functions that turn digital interfaces into great solutions. Users use these micro functions to understand to which process they are going to participate in. You can say these small pieces of communication which assists users to navigate properly throughout the interface or website. One can accomplish many tasks (like displaying status or feedback and revealing results for a particular action) by incorporating mini interactions to their WordPress website.

Calypso Will Improve Website’s Compatibility

The web design and development market are already surrounded by the hot discussion of Calypso. It is an app which is considered as the desktop admin environment to manage, edit and add content to one or more WordPress websites. WordPress admin is robust and caters all the content management requirements. But, in the future, Calypso will also be considered as the best admin for managing content. It will appear with lots more features and with excellent interoperability to work with WordPress.


Here, we can say that website designing will be fine-tuned with the latest WordPress trends in upcoming time. The thing is, you need to experiment and find out which one is better for your website. We bet that if you implement these WordPress development trends in 2018, your website will top the list in terms of user-friendliness and appeal.

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