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New Trends of eCommerce Marketing 2020

marketing trends

What are the new trends in eCommerce in 2020? What are the new challenges of eCommerce? What are the best eCommerce ideas?

The eCommerce sector continues to grow very rapidly, with a growth of around 15% per year. It is also a very evolving sector, the main trends of which should be understood.

Here are the 15 new eCommerce marketing trends for 2020, and some ideas for creating merchant sites.

The Progression of eCommerce

eCommerce trends

The eCommerce is online shopping made from a smartphone, which now accounts for nearly a third of transactions.

The share of purchases made on smartphones is growing very quickly: from 60% to 90% per year!

It is, therefore, essential to develop a real mobile strategy, especially if the products you market are well suited to “mobile” consumption. You can create a Shopify store with your mobile phones, and there are lots of Shopify themes to choose from.

The Progression of Inbound Marketing

Faced with the intensification of competition on the internet, inbound marketing is increasingly seen as a strategy for the future. This consists of overturning the traditional spirit of commerce: rather than promoting an offer by advertising, it is a matter of naturally attracting potential customers to oneself through quality and well-referenced information, for example, through from a blog.

Rather than an eCommerce platform, your site must, therefore, become a media in its own right.

Specialization in Very Lucrative Niches

Faced with generalist behemoths, small eCommerce is struggling to resist. One solution is to adopt a niche, or even micro-niche, a strategy based on precise and rigorous market research. There are indeed unexploited vulnerabilities, which can be identified using tools like Google Trends.

So listen to the market and the latest trends in terms of demand: specialization and responsiveness are the keys to success!

Data Protection

In 2018, the European data protection regulation came into force.

In general, consumers are increasingly attentive to the use of their private data. eCommerce is, therefore, moving towards more soft and respectful practices in the matter, even going so far as to make it a selling point.

Ultimately, sites that do not respect this new trend in eCommerce may well disappear.

The Continuous Growth of Marketplaces

More and more e-merchants are renouncing to create their own eCommerce site, preferring to go through marketplaces such as Shopify, Amazon, Rakuten or eBay, Etsy or AliExpress. Selling through a marketplace offers many advantages: it allows access to a very large audience and reduces the costs of site development.

A word of advice: choose the marketplace best suited to your product and enhance your offer through quality descriptions and visuals.

The Growth of BtoB eCommerce

More and more professionals buy online, especially for travel and travel, supplies or even computer equipment.

Many BtoB opportunities will open in the coming months and years: find out!

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence technologies are rapidly developing to analyze user behavior, suggest the best products (ultra-customization) and increase the average basket. Innovations are still expected for 2020.

The Progress of Dropshipping

Dropshipping consists of marketing a product whose delivery will be ensured directly by the supplier, without going through the warehouse of the e-merchant. The latter therefore has no stock to finance and reduces its risks.

Dropshipping is a business model of the future that allows each intermediary to focus on their core business.

Sectoral Trends

You should know that the average conversion rate of eCommerce sites is 3%. However, this rate varies greatly from one sector to another.

The sectors with the best conversion rate are:

  • Beauty, health, pharmacy,
  • Food and childcare,
  • Tourism and travel,
  • The sport.

The Arrival of Voice Search

Voice search is one of the new trends in eCommerce. With the development of voice requests (Google, Amazon, etc.), the way to search and buy online could quickly change.

Social Selling

One-quarter of the world is ready to make their purchases on a social network. Give them the opportunity to shop your products from your accounts

  • Install a shop on Facebook
  • Get a Shopify Store, Checkout awesome Shopify themes that will make your store attractive.
  • Tag your products on Instagram
  • Use the “swipe up” in your stories
  • Turn your Instagram page into a store
  • Present your products on Twitter with a direct link to their files

Payment Always More Secure

At a time when 85% of online purchases are made by bank card, the European Union wishes to strengthen consumer protection further. On the program: the implementation of new technical standards.

As an e-merchant, it is your duty to stay constantly informed about payment security techniques to update your online store. Besides, it is recommended to turn to a secure payment solution.

SXO Is the New SEO

The SXO? Search Experience Optimization goes far beyond SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by going further than textual optimization: now, SEO is also dependent on the quality of content, their hierarchy and the fluidity of navigation.

What can you do? Check that your eCommerce offers simple navigation, correctly classified and grouped content.

If necessary, call on outside eyes to assess your store!

Mass Consumption to Conquer eCommerce

A new competition will increase in 2020: that of mass distribution! Driven by the enthusiasm for the drive, this sector intends to develop the distribution of food and beverages via the web.

To stand out, bet on the ethical and authentic side of your eCommerce. Enhance your story and personify your brand. Consumers will more easily establish a link with you than with a large area!

Omnichannel, the New Eldorado for VSEs and SMEs

Omnichannel consists of selling your products on several channels: eCommerce, social networks, the marketplace, physical points of sale… An interesting strategy since it allows companies to generate 3x more sales!

Do not hesitate to diversify your presence by selling your products on market places like Amazon, Shopify.

And if you are a brand, set off to conquer independent boutiques, franchised brands and supermarkets, in line with your positioning.

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