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Mockups: What Are They, Their Usage and Benefits


Mockups are a tool that designers use to effectively communicate ideas and envisage the final appearance of a product. It is possible to utilize this tool without having any prior knowledge of graphic design. We provide guidance on utilizing mockups in your work.

What is a Mockup

It is a fantastic chance for a designer to rapidly and clearly display their concept, and for a buyer to view and assess how the product would seem in actual use. The image is made more illustrative when it is shown on the actual product. This is practical and reduces the amount of editing. Mockups come in a variety of forms, such as laptops or iPads. As you may understand, they vary in terms of their intended usage.

Mockup Usage

Let’s look at this question using the example of an iPad mockup. Every ipad mockup may be utilized for a variety of design, development, and marketing projects. Presentations are one of the most popular uses for iPad mockups because of how well they can communicate a design concept or prototype to different stakeholders, clients, or team members. It is simpler to express the intended user experience and offer a clear visual picture of how it would look on the actual device by creating a realistic rendition of the design on an iPad.

In user testing sessions, iPad mockups are very often used. Designers and developers utilize iPad mockups during these sessions to get customer input on the appearance of an app or website. Users can engage with the design as though it were a genuine app or website thanks to the dynamic mockup. This allows customers to give input on the UI and overall user experience, which greatly enhances the finished result.

Lastly, iPad mockups may be used in promotional materials like shopping sites or commercials. With iPad mockups, designers and marketers can demonstrate how a website or app would look on an iPad, increasing the perceived value of the offering and resulting in a more compelling and eye-catching marketing campaign. Ultimately, iPad mockups are a crucial tool for producing digital content and offer several advantages to marketers, designers, and developers.

What about other fields? For example, you have designed the cover of a magazine. In order not to spend effort and money on creating a sample, you can create a mockup – overlay the design on the layout of the book and see how organic the cover looks even before printing.

Mockups are usually used when developing a website, product corporate identity, logo, diary cover, original merchandise, or other product where design is important. They allow you to quickly transfer the visual to objects of various shapes and purposes: from business cards and craft bags to banners and clothes.

Technically, mockups are .psd files created in the Adobe Photoshop graphics editor. The main feature of the format is smart layers that are easy to edit. They allow you to transfer the design to the desired product and quickly adjust the details.

A mockup is different from other ways to quickly convey an idea: a sketch, a prototype, and a project outline.

  • A sketch is a quick image that reflects the main idea of a project. A mockup is not a schematic, but a detailed image of a product.
  • A project blueprint, or as it is often called a wireframe, is a visual guide to the arrangement of elements (but it only reflects the layout of the content, not the design: color, graphics, and fonts).
  • A prototype is a functional and clickable sketch. If a mockup is an image of a site, then a prototype is a version close to being ready with a working interface.


You need to work with mockups to evaluate how the created design will look on the cover of a book, shopper, business card, or another item. With the help of mockups, people create visual presentations, fill the UI, find errors and shortcomings, and receive feedback from the customer.

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