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Level Up The Customer Experience on Your WordPress Website With These 5 Tips

Customer Experience

If you bungle the customer experience on your WordPress website, especially with first-time visitors, you’re not likely to see them again. 

You could lose tons of conversions and sales opportunities and seriously hurt your bottomline. 

Plus, your website plays a huge and critical role in providing a memorable, seamless experience to your customers. It’s where the bulk of your marketing, sales, and customer service interactions happen. 

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the user experience of your WordPress website for customers, starting with these five tips. 

Get Feedback from Your Customers

One way of hearing from your WordPress website visitors and customers about the kind of experience they want on your site is to ask them directly.

Ask for feedback to gain valuable insights into your customers, their preferences, and needs (among others). 

Make it easy and interesting for your customers to provide feedback using feedback emoji software.  

For instance, Emoji Response lets you design and customize feedback forms you can embed onto your WordPress website easily.

1. Get Feedback from Your Customers

The tool analyzes the collected customer feedback, showing your total and average ratings and activity log. 

Feedback from Your Customers

You’ll get valuable insights into your customers’ experience on your site, guiding your efforts to improve it.  

Use feedback emoji software with your sophisticated user feedback software to learn more about what customers think and feel when using your product. 

You’ll gain actionable insights into what’s working well (and not well) and weave those into your initiatives to improve the customer experience

Simplify Access to Your Customer Service

One of the best ways to amp up the customer experience is to help your prospects resolve issues and queries about your products and services quickly and easily. 

Provide easy-to-follow pathways for customers to reach the right channels and connect with your customer service reps. 

Leverage a mix of automated systems and human interactions to simplify access, speed up, and increase customer service delivery.  

Below are some of the best ways to provide seamless customer service access and delivery.

For example, the WP Call Now plugin lets you design and add a click-to-call button on your WordPress website with a few clicks and without coding anything. 

Simplify Access to Your Customer Service
  • Invest in robust live chat software and offer automated customer communication options to provide instant assistance or quick resolution to common client queries.     
Integrate reliable WordPress chat plugin to help you provide easy communication options and channels for your customers.

Allow customers to contact you with minimal effort and hassle. It can help improve your customer service, satisfaction, and overall experience with your brand.

Implement a Web Page Flow

It’s always a win when your website visitors subscribe to your service or email newsletter or buy your products.

Why stop there when you can offer customers more and increase your conversions and sales? 

Provide memorable customer experiences by making it quick and easy to accomplish a task on your website. It can also compel your audiences to stick around and see what else you have to offer, increasing your chances of selling more. 

Start by structuring your site’s navigation. For example if you’re selling SEO articles, make it easy for your visitors to find your “Add to Cart” button.

Also, include additional links, dedicated content, and website elements.  Doing so helps ensure your website provides seamless navigation while leading your customers to your other related products and offers. 

For instance, display a Related Products page (or section) instead of simply showing a dead-end page after customers complete their purchase. 

The You May Also Like section below is a classic example. 

3. Implement a Web Page Flow

Other website pages and elements you can include are contact pages, related reading, and anything else that helps lead visitors to act on your offers. 

For example, if you publish an article about the Top Ten Ways to Manage Remote Teams in America, display related reading recommendations, such as your blog post on USA team building activities for virtual teams.   

Including Related Products pages can also support your efforts to optimize your product pages. It can build up your internal link structure and improve your other product pages’ SEO performance. 

Use Secure Payment Portals

Unsecure payment systems can lead to security breaches and issues and cause terrible customer experiences on your WordPress website. 

You’re likely to lose your customers’ and prospects’ trust, not to mention the potential damages to your brand’s reputation and credibility. 

Also, a complicated payment process can confuse and frustrate shoppers. They’re not likely to complete the purchase, or worse, never come back to your store. Yikes. 

The solution? 

Use a secure payment processing service for WordPress. 

For instance, Stripe offers easy ecommerce integration, including reliable security and anti-fraud measures.

You’ll get more control over the customer checkout process since Stripe transactions are handled on-site. 

Stripe is also developer-friendly. You can personalize your checkout page to help simplify the payment process for your customers. 

Additionally, you can integrate Stripe with your WordPress website through a WooCommerce plugin. 

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