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How to Get More Profile Visits on Instagram?

It’s not an unusual thing these days if you’re looking to grow on Instagram. Is it?

Higher than usual engagement rates and rising buyer intent make this social platform the prime pick for marketers and brands to market and grow their businesses.

Wondering how to get more profile visits on Instagram?

This blog will reveal 7 smart tips to dramatically boost your profile visits, grow your followers and make more sales.

Excited to learn What Does WSG Mean?

Read on.

In This Blog:

  • Make your profile search-friendly
  • Create a professional profile
  • Make use of captions
  • Use Reels 
  • Do collaborations
  • Create shareable content
  • Use niche-down hashtags
  • Final words

Make Your Profile Search-friendly

Instagram has a search engine that filters profiles and content based on searches that users do on the app.

If you can pop up in these search results, you can attract a crazy number of visitors to your profile and grow your audience.

To do this, you need to focus on adding niche-relevant keywords to your account username, profile name, and bio.

Make your content public so that people do not have to use Instagram private account viewer apps to see your content. Every time a user searches a keyword inside the app, Instagram comes up with search results; users can tap on the accounts tab to get a list of profiles relevant to the search.

This is your chance to appear among the top profiles in this list to get more people to tap on your profile intro and land on your profile.

Additionally you can use an Instagram feed plugin to improve your feed, make it stand out and personalize it to match your brand or personal voice using Canvas Prints.

Search-friendly Instagram

Keep Refreshing Your Profile

A static profile looks boring not only to your existing audience but also to your new potential followers. 

Things like your landing page, highlights, call-to-action text, etc. need to be updated as you expand your product base or offer special discounts.

You can also update the clickable link in the bio to take people to different landing pages, offers, and product pages to grow your email list or to make more sales with seasonal offers.

You can use highlights to add updates about new product launches, upcoming events, or new store openings. Highlights pop up on your profile and unlike Insta Stories, they stay there till you remove them.

You can be as creative as you want to engage your audience and keep them excited about your brand and what it offers. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Make Use of Captions

People love stories. And great stories work wonders when it comes to getting their attention and inspiring them to share their thoughts about a topic in the comments.

Popular brands use captions, on-screen and in-description to hook and engage their audiences.

While people are casually scrolling through their Instagram feeds, a powerful on-screen caption can instantly hook their attention and stop the scroll.

If you do a nice job with your descriptions also, then you can get a lot of clicks to your profile.

Also, you can ask questions in the captions to get more comments on your content, which is loved by the Instagram algorithm.

Captions are not the only way to engage your audience, though.

A faster way to generate high engagement on your content is to buy Instagram comments from a vetted service provider.

Use Reels

Reels are the leading content format on Instagram – many vertical videos are racking in over a million views each.

Instagram added Reels to attract more audience with short vertical videos just like TikTok did.

Reels have a separate explore tab on Instagram. This allows users to watch videos not only from the accounts they follow but also from other popular and relevant profiles on the platform.

One important tip is to use captions on your Reels to push the viewers to your profile and get them to follow if they see that your content is engaging or provides value.

Instagram is pushing Reels across its platform, which is why it has high visibility and engagement rates. 

If you want Instagram to boost your Reels or Stories, you can buy Instagram auto likes from a trusted source.

This will encourage the Instagram algorithm to promote your content organically on the platform and get more profile views for your profile.


Do Collaborations

Instagram is a favorite place of brands for doing Influencer collaborations.

It’s because it is very cost-effective, with higher conversion rates, and gives fast results.

Influencers on Instagram have a very active and engaging audience. Getting a shoutout from a popular influencer can bring in a lot of clicks to your profile and grow your following.

The collaboration can be around a mention in the video, a Story, or even in the captions.

By doing so, you are essentially borrowing their credibility, clout, and ultimately the audience.

Create Shareable Content

Sharing is also a strong engagement signal on Instagram and other social platforms.

Your content should carry a share-worthy factor so that people want to share it with their peers and friends and family.

One smart move you can make is to share your posts on Facebook as well to bring in more people on Facebook to your Insta profile.

Also, ask your followers to share your posts with others and tag you while they do it.  

Ask yourself, what convinces a user to share content on social media? 

People love to share interesting and engaging content as well as posts with important announcements or industry updates get shared a lot.

When others see a post shared by their friend, they are highly likely to visit your profile and scroll through your other posts. And if they see value in your profile feed, they will surely tap the follow button. 

Use Niche-down Hashtags

Using niche-specific hashtags can bring very targeted people to your profile if they discover you in their feed. You can also gauge their effectiveness from monitoring Instagram analytics.

These hashtags are related to a very specific problem, topic, or event that people are interested in. 

Although it will not attract a huge number of users, it surely brings pre-qualified people who will most likely visit your profile and follow you.

Using niche-down hashtags allow you to be discovered in search results, on their homepage feed, and explore page.

Final Words

The Instagram profile can be big in growing your audience and reach.

The more people who visit your profile and follow you, the more reach your content will enjoy on the app.

This blog has covered actionable tips to optimize your Instagram profile for attracting more visitors, as well as ways to push more Instagrammers to your account.

This is a two-way process that can get you amazing results with your Instagram marketing efforts and grow your brand.

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