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How to Boost Revenue with COD Affiliate Programmes: the Path to Success with TerraLeads

COD affiliate Programmes

There are a lot of CPA networks in the nutra vertical, among which it is quite difficult to find the most optimal solution for yourself. That is why, in order to make a decision, you should first familiarize yourself with the basics, namely learn all about payment models and find out why COD affiliate networks such as TerraLeads are among the best in their field.

COD Network Affiliate Basics

COD is a widely used payment method across a range of affiliate networks. It is primarily beneficial for clients as they can pay for their order upon receiving it at the post office. The client provides their contact details via the landing page and is then contacted by a call center employee, who then helps in leading them to the order placement process.

The model has become well established in countries where credit cards are not widely used. It is profitable to work under this system because consumers are more likely to approve the purchase of goods if they can pay for them upon receipt. However, there is a risk that the buyer may not pick up the goods, so it is important to choose only high-quality and trusted offers.

Affiliates promoting COD offers should be aware that they will not be paid until the goods are delivered. It is recommended to focus on regions such as Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America, where cash flow is high and the economy is developing rapidly, creating optimal conditions for promoting COD offers.

Pros and Opportunities of COD Partnership

Considering affiliate networks which operate under the COD model, it is also worth getting acquainted with the benefits they offer:

  • one of the most prevalent models, which has a large number of offerers in various regions;
  • it is easier for the customer to make a decision to place an order, because they subconsciously trust this method of payment;
  • due to the popularity of the model you can find a wide variety of creatives that can be easily adapted to suit your offer;
  • virtually all traffic sources are well received;
  • higher conversion rate and lower entry threshold than SS and Trial.

This particular model is excellent for beginners, as it does not require a hefty budget and the price per lead is significantly lower compared to others. Choosing a reliable affiliate network like TerraLeads, which has its own call centre, you do not have to worry about the sales funnel and can be confident that the customer will place an order and pick it up.

Key Strategies for Successful Participation in a COD Affiliate Network

Handling COD offers is straightforward, but it has trade secrets, which you definitely should learn before promoting them.

  • When dealing with lending, be sure to place a call to action in a prominent position.
  • Experiment with various sources of traffic to determine which yields the best results.
  • Trackers and traffic distribution systems can provide valuable insights into your website visitors.

In general, it is important to understand that there is no single successful strategy that guarantees good traffic for any offer. Constant analysis of the data you receive, trial and error, and selection of the best options for your business are all crucial.  

Optimisation Tools and Techniques in COD Network Affiliate


An affiliate’s work requires knowledge in various fields, including analytics, copywriting, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation. The use of tools to optimise promotion in arbitrage can significantly ease and speed up the job.

  • Offer Trackers. One of the main tools that affiliates use to track the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. With their help, you can segregate traffic by various parameters, redirect it to other offers and conduct A/B testing.
  • Advertisement networks. They help automate advertising campaigns and save time. Various ad formats can be purchased through these networks.
  • Proxy. Provides a way for affiliates to bypass social media blockages, Google Ads, and work across multiple accounts at once.
  • SEO. Choosing the right tool for the job is crucial to getting a quality service.
  • Social media scraper. Created to gather data about subscribers, thereby getting the necessary target audience.
  • Landings. Landing page constructors will assist you in attracting traffic and bring your customer to the point of placing an order.

Poorly thought-out arbitrage actions can result in profit loss. In addition to understanding the fundamentals of promotion, it is essential to utilise tools that aid in optimising your work.

TerraLeads: The perfect partner in the world of affiliate networks with COD

TerraLeads was established in January 2017 and has since grown to become one of the largest affiliate networks in the nutra vertical. As a direct advertiser, the CPA network provides high-quality and certified products.

TerraLeads has its own advertising procurement team that conducts split A/B testing and puts together training material for its partners.

The main advantages of cooperation with CPA network include:

  • a vast array of offers, among which each affiliate will be able to choose the best offer for their audience;
  • its own call centre, which is efficient in bringing the client to the order, which plays an important role when dealing with the COD model;
  • bonus programme, which is an additional incentive for affiliates;
  • availability of unique offers;
  • access to the global market;
  • high payouts;
  • availability of materials to optimize performance;
  • technical support, which is ready to lend a hand in solving any questions that may arise.

TerraLeads is a reliable affiliate network which offers its partners the best terms and allows them to achieve solid profit in arbitrage.


Despite the fact that many affiliates are ambivalent towards COD offers, it is worth assuring that this direction will be favored for a long time to come. The model is suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliates, making it quite easy to follow the sales funnel. Cooperation with a reliable affiliate network will help you optimize your work and make greater profit. TerraLeads is a COD affiliate network, which includes a variety of offers and creates all conditions to bring the customer to the target action.

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