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Common WordPress Invoicing Woes (and How to Address Them in Just a Few Clicks)

WordPress invoicing

The adoption of automation in the workplace is growing at a rapid pace as more and more people discover its benefits. Automated invoice systems have also become hugely popular in the last few years, as organizations and freelancers seek more efficient ways to manage their bills digitally. 

WordPress is one of the options for anyone needing to facilitate payment online. There are numerous WordPress plugins available for creating, editing, and sending out professional invoices that anyone with an internet connection can access. These plugins are designed to streamline billing processes through your website, making communication with clients much faster and easier. 

But just like any platform, WordPress can be tricky to navigate when you aren’t sure of how it works. Especially when it comes to invoicing plugins. In this post, we’ll look at some common frustrations regarding WordPress invoices and which plugins work best for a woe-free billing process. 


4 Most Common Invoicing Issues

Developing an invoice system that keeps up with client demands can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider—payment integration, automation settings, template layout, and better time management. 

We did some research on some of the most commonly raised issues regarding invoice automation and plugins so that you can best equip yourself for managing invoices via WordPress. 

Here they are: 

  • Errors and Omissions 

One of the most common issues experienced within the world of invoicing is inaccurate information. If your invoice doesn’t contain the correct data, problems are bound to ensue

WordPress itself has a reputation for being consistently reliable and efficient. But the invoicing plugins you use may have their own bugs and errors that make your billing processes dysfunctional at best and disastrous at worse. 

  • Outdated Template Designs 

The visually aesthetic factor of invoices is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Many businesses struggle to connect with their clients and general audience due to outdated template designs that give brands an outmoded, dull, and even unprofessional appearance. 

While some invoice plugins have been created specifically to prevent this issue, others have forgotten the importance of brand appearance and given users ineffectual templates. Due to the negative impact of reputation, this problem is not one to be underestimated. 

  • Late or Delayed Invoices 

Late issuance of invoices is one of the leading causes of unpaid invoices. When clients don’t receive invoices on time, they’re likely to take it as a sign of unprofessionalism, or perhaps worse, an excuse to be tardy with their compensation process. 

However, if a client owes you money, sending them their invoice on time is ultimately your responsibility. Finding a method for consistently timely invoices is key to delayed payments and damaged reputation. 

  • Poor Payment Integration 

Another common problem surrounding WordPress invoicing is poor payment integration. Invoices need to have multiple payment options available to clients that are fully integrated for the safest and most efficient transaction possible. 

Poor payment integration can lead to leaked financial details (both your own and those of your clients), delayed payments, and technical payment difficulties regarding the transaction process. 


The Solution To Your Invoicing Problems? The Right Plugin

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to address the above problems with just a few clicks, your answer lies in WordPress invoice plugins. 

Plugins are external pieces of software that essentially “plug into” your WordPress site. This increases the flexibility and potential of your site and significantly extends its functionality. One of the most popular ways to use plugins in 2022 is for invoicing. 

There are hundreds of high quality invoice plugins compatible with WordPress online. However, only a few are worth plugging into your website. To streamline and improve your invoice processing on WordPress, here are five of the highest-ranking options available online:

  • For Better Automation: Sliced Invoices 

The best way to avoid experiencing common errors and omissions is to install a plugin with a strong automation system. This will help eradicate the existence of any inaccurately entered data and ensure that all information is handled correctly. 

Sliced Invoices is a WordPress plugin renowned for its prolific automation system. Allowing users to set up custom terms and conditions, Sliced Invoices is the perfect tool for companies who seek to invoice directly through WordPress without risking any problematic errors. 

  • For More Advanced Templates: WooCommerce 

Design plays an important role in your invoices, whether you’re using a Google Docs invoice template or one that comes with a WordPress plugin. With the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, users have free rein to create, edit, pick and choose any design templates they like, alongside a veritable treasure trove of other essential tools.

WooCommerce not only works seamlessly with the WordPress system, but it also facilitates fully customizable CSS and HTML templates for an even more exact invoice. 

  • For Better Time Tracking: Sprout Invoices 

If late payments and poor time management are a cause for concern with your company, you probably need a plugin like Sprout Invoices. 

Designed with some of the highest-ranking time management tools around, Sprout Invoices track and manage the pace at which invoices are created and sent out. 

  • For Better Payment Integration: Invoice & Payments Plugin 

Payment integration relates to the ease with which clients can select and use different payment platforms to transact. Invoice & Payments Plugin for WordPress puts this aspect of billing at the forefront of their mission, enabling you to provide multiple, safe options for all. 

Integrated with popular payment portals such as PayPal, Worldpay, and even Pre-Bank Transfer, clients from across the globe can easily and securely make payments to your company.



The Bottom Line

The world of electronic invoicing systems is still in its relatively early days, but the progress being made right now is significant. In the past, managing the ins and outs of international billing was far more complex and difficult to execute. But even today’s plugins come with their struggles. 

However, WordPress and a host of high-ranking invoice plugins are constantly improving to make the invoicing process as simple, easy, and accessible as possible. 

If you or your company has found its current online invoicing software challenging, it might be time to upgrade your WordPress plugin. Give one of these a try based on what your priorities are and see how much more efficient (and less woeful) your invoice system becomes. 

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