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Best WordPress Themes for Online Conferences in 2021

WordPress Themes for Online Conferences
Nowadays WordPress is considered one of the most reliable tools for making the desired website. You can make the website the way you want. Once you are done with the website, is time for you to decide the theme of the website that you would incorporate in the website. Here we shall discuss a few of the best WordPress themes for an online conference in 2021.

Kelly Young - Personal Stylist WordPress Theme

Kelly Young

As the name indicates this is a fashion theme that deals with personal styling. Though designing a fashion theme is always a time taking the task, this theme has all the trendy styles and fashion tips for the youngsters out there. If you are a fashion stylist, fashion blogger, lifestyle blogger, or anything that deals with trendy fashion styles, then Kelly Young is for you. If you check the theme of the Kelly Young, it is so stylish and having a fresh styling theme. This theme is going well in the fashion industry as it has a responsive layout.

Humanum - Human Rights WordPress Theme

Humanum - Human Rights WordPress Theme

A WordPress template for the site of a language school or music education – in fact, a completely versatile theme with the stack of necessary plugins and features, including the option to book selected lessons online, the ability to “pack” courses for beginners, enthusiasts, and advanced users. Full WooCommerce support. An interface is a traditional landing page with a balanced and subtle color scheme, which does not distract from proper communication with customers. Integration with most social networks serves as a great basis for blogging.

Learnex - Distance Education & Learning Courses Elementor Template Kit


An adaptive template for Retina monitors. This WordPress template for education uses a traditional light style, so it looks extremely versatile, it can be used for a single page or a full-fledged large resource school, university, or online courses. The carousel plugin will help to conveniently represent all the available courses. There is an adaptation for WooCommerce for online payment options, the ability to enroll in the program of interest. SEO-optimization is pre-set for the blog.

Education Center - LMS Online University & School Courses Studying WordPress Theme

Education Center | LMS Online University & School Courses Studying WordPress Theme

Education center is a theme designed for academic purposes. It is useful for both online and offline educational dealings. This theme encompasses a wide range of institutes including preschool, primary school, and secondary school, and for higher education that includes college, university, and other informal institutes.

Education center works best for distance learning. You can use this theme for tutoring, teaching, home learning, and training.

There are a variety of traditional and informal subjects that comes under the theme of an education center that includes liberal arts, science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, business, law, finance, engineering, sociology, psychology, foreign relations, and much more.

Education Centre theme possesses some striking features including dynamic forums for learning, advanced quizzes, lesson timing and schedules, course points, awards, certificates, and badges.

This is such a theme that will readily convert the visitors of your website into the students that will learn through it.

Equadio - Non-Profit and Environmental WordPress Theme


Equadio is a theme that is specifically designed to target the environmental aspects. If you are a person who is passionate about the conservation of the environment and are aspiring to launch a website related to any aspect of the environment, then Equadio is the best theme you can go for.

It is majorly designed for environmental activism. It also deals with wildlife protection as it also comes under the environment.

It easily incorporates the environmental petitions including ecology activism, social media campaigns, and the social movements that are been in the town related to the environment.

Also if you are running a nonprofit NGO or any such institution for the protection of the environment, then this theme targets you as well.

Equadio is a very powerful and responsive website.

Craftis - Handcraft & Artisan WordPress Theme for Creatives


As the name suggests, Craftis deals with handmade work and artisan work. If you are a creative person the Carftis is for you. It is designed for the artists and artisans that want to showcase their work to the people and want to earn a business through their work. It is a tremendous theme that is modern and stylish enough to match the recent trends. You can sell all kinds of goods through Craftis that may include furniture, art, décor, handmade, homeware and houseware, clothing, purses, accessories, jewelry, etc.

Right Way - Election Campaign and Political Candidate WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, this theme is designed for an interesting purpose. It works for political campaigns, election campaigns, leaders, political activists, social activists, political parties, and social movements.

Also, this theme is used for political reviews and nonprofit organizations. Many other subjects are linked with politics that includes human rights, charity, fundraising, president, parliament, government, volunteer, etc. so this theme covers all these subjects.

If you intend to publish your article related to the social or political aspirations of a leader or public, then this theme is best for you as it also serves as the platform to publish related blogs and articles.

Vihara - Ashram Oriental Buddhist Temple WordPress Theme + RTL


Vihara is a website theme that is specially designed for the Ashrams and Buddhist temples.

If you are aspiring to create an online center for yoga, recreation, meditation, teaching sessions regarding spiritual health then Vihara is the best option that you can opt for designing the website with such a theme.

This theme has some amazing features that include optimization for maximum search engines, customization, cross-browser compatibility, powerful and lightweight.

Rhodos - Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business


Rhodos is a theme designed for business-related subjects. It is used for a law firm, financial company, portfolio, tax consulting, accounting services, and strategy planning. This theme can serve various other subjects that include marketing and advertising, economist analytics, Startup companies, freelancers, lawyer,s and many more. So it is a multi-purpose theme that serves different topics under the umbrella of business. Rhodos is a theme that has a fast loading time having 10 unique niche skins.

Rosaleen - Health Coach, Speaker & Motivation WordPress Theme

Rosaleen is the WordPress theme that deals with a healthy lifestyle, health coaching, healthy food, and all things that come in a good lifestyle. It is a theme designed for blogs and WordPress.

Various healthy cooking and cooking recipes are displayed on this theme. A healthy lifestyle links to physical activity as well so the theme deal with various sports activities and gym workouts.

There are tremendous features of Rosaleen that include responsive layout, fast browser compatibility, fast-loading, customizable, and optimized for various search engines. There are many medical billing companies in Houston TX that have used the Rosaleen theme.

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