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ANN – Artificial Neural Network WordPress Theme


Having a modern website is one thing, but having one that leverages the power of AI is different. ANN is an artificial neural network WordPress theme that you should add to your shortlist. The best part about creating a website with ANN is that you get a ready-made solution packed with everything you might need to get started.

Who will benefit from it? First, the template has a modern, clean design that ensures a pixel-perfect look for each of your web pages. That works best for marketing studios, creative agencies, SEO, SMM, or designer portfolios. All in all, if your business deals with Artificial Neural Networks, AI, gaming, or ChatGPT, then ANN is your best option.

From customizable options to advanced tools, ANN lets you build the site effortlessly. It allows you to craft beautiful page layouts that fit your brand with ease. All you have to do is to put elements in the right place. At the end of the day, you save time by developing beautiful pages emphasising how time-effective that is.

Powerful and Intuitive

Powerful and Intuitive

Speaking of features, there are plenty. A fully responsive design makes it convenient for users to navigate your page. There is no more zooming to find the needed information. Everything looks just the right way to easily navigate through the content. No matter the device, it just looks good.

Next, it features a clean HTML5 and CSS3 code that follows the best SEO practices to help your media resource dominate in the SERP results. Cross-browser compatibility makes your web page look stunning in any modern browser.  

If you are planning to create a website for your business with the help of AI, then you should use ANN for that task. Here are a few reasons why:

Safe and Secure

A website built with ANN has a clean, valid HTML5 code that assures cybersecurity and data privacy. That includes the support of the GDPR Compliance plugin to show your site visitors that you are looking out for their privacy policies.

No Code Development

You decide how your web pages will look like. Take control over every design element of your site. The best thing is that you can have a skill gap and still craft page layouts without touching a line of code.

Real-time Updates

Edit and change every design element of your site in real time. Whatever you do not like about the look of it, change it. Anytime, even after it has gone live, keep it up to date with the latest changes.

Fast-loading Page Speed

ANN has mobile accelerated pages. That gives your site almost immediate loading time. The AMP technology allows you to build a fast website that is easy to access with both desktop and mobile devices.

Beautiful Pre-designed Demos

Beautiful Pre-designed Demos

Out of the box, ANN offers you a collection of pre-designed homepage styles. There are eight of those: image generator, photo stock, ChatBot, AI awards, gaming, AI images, AI news, and digital agency. All are fully responsive.

For example, a photostock design concept looks like this.

Take the time to check each design concept. Each has its collection of pre-built inner pages that will work as a starting basis for your website. You decide which one to pick. Also, you have the freedom to add as many new layouts as you wish.

OpenAI ChatGPT 4.0

OpenAI ChatGPT 4.0

As a business owner, you need to use ANN to your benefit. And the thing that you can now integrate ChatGPT into your website is huge. And the best thing is that you should do nothing extra. 

ANN allows you to make AI-powered content on the go. Its versatility and ability to generate human-like text make it a valuable tool.

Elementor Page Builder

Like most premium WordPress themes, a powerful page builder is a must. ANN comes with the support of Elementor. With it, you get a separate interface that helps you get creative with your layouts and posts.

Elementor Page Builder

Modify your header, footer, or blog layout without hassles. Take a closer look at the collection of blog page layouts.

Elementor Page Builder

Whatever you plan to change with it, do it using a handy user-facing interface and no coding skills. Your prior knowledge doesn’t matter.

Take any design element you like and move it to a new spot. Use a one-click demo import to take advantage of everything bundled in ANN.

WooCommerce Integration with elegro Crypto Payment Support


With a single click, you can turn your website into a fully equipped online store. It is safe to say that WooCommerce is the basis for your online store. The basis that offers absolute simplicity and a wide range of eCommerce features.

Sell whatever you like whenever you wish. WooCommerce comes in connection with the elegro Crypto Payment plugin. So, you enjoy smooth, safe, and instant payments in one place.

Here is how your shop pages will look like.

Premium Plugins Support

The number of premium plugins available in the market has no end in sight. And the good news is that you do not have to use them all. Having the right set of premium plugins and tools will help you grow your online business. ANN comes with the support of several important extensions that will save you hours and provide a good number of features. 

Premium Plugins Support

First, Revolution Slider allows you to create beautiful presentations of your works. You take control over the number of slides and content you add there. Plus, it will look stunning on each modern device due to its full responsiveness.

Next comes the Newsletter Pop-ups plugin. It helps you turn your site into a lead machine. With it, you can capture more emails and grow your email list. MailChimp helps you create good-looking sign-up forms and add them to any post or page. In turn, the Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to set up and manage contact forms on your site. However, did you know that it can do much more than that?

Above all, ANN is compatible with the GDPR Compliance plugin. Inform users that your site uses cookies and cares about the privacy policies that matter for your users. More to the point, ANN comes with detailed documentation to help you on each step while developing your site.

Final Thoughts About ANN Artificial Neural Network WordPress Theme

There is no stopping AI transformation for 2023 and your website should be up to date in line with those changes. Creating a website with ANN for your business will help you stay ahead of competitors and, what’s more, earn the trust of customers and boost ROI. All in all, who doesn’t want to get more customers?

Now, take the time to check the live demo of ANN to know what you get with it. 

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