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7 Writing Tools to Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

email campaigns

When it comes to digital marketing, versatility is key. You need to be using different methods for reaching your target audience, and simultaneously cover social media, video, blogging, and more. This is to ensure you’re covering all grounds and target audiences can easily find you, regardless of their preferred online platforms.

And, one of the major elements of your digital marketing strategy needs to be email marketing.

Building a successful email marketing campaign is a demanding task, but you can simplify it for yourself. How? Aside from the help of an email marketing tool, using some of the best writing tools available online will help you with different aspects of writing your email copy. We’ve put together a list of 7 ultimate writing tools you should try out.

Let’s break it down.

Email Marketing Campaign
  • Hemingway App

When you’re writing an email for your target audience, you need to make sure it’s:

  • easy to read
  • written in everyday language
  • natural-sounding

This is rule no.1 of email copywriting. If your copy is too complex or has a tone of unnecessary words and phrases, it won’t reach your target audience the way you’d like.

So, before sending, allow the Hemingway app to scan your copy and point out to:

  • readability
  • complex and long sentences
  • use of passive voice
  • improperly used adverbs

This writing tool is so simple yet so powerful. Use it to check the readability of every email copy.

  • Evernote

Great organization leads to brilliant emails. When you’re building your email marketing campaign, you probably have a ton of information and ideas on your mind. It could be a challenge to organize them and use every one of them successfully.

That’s why it would be very useful to regularly use a tool such as Evernote.

Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app that will boost your productivity and help you organize your email marketing plans.

Here’s how it helps with email marketing writing:

  • take notes of the ideas you have
  • add images, links, videos, and files to back it up
  • add tasks and milestones you need to complete for each goal
  • create schedules and set deadlines

Evernote will keep your email copywriting neat and productive.

  • Crystal

You need to make your email speak to your target audience and grab their attention from the first line. But, if they feel like the message carries no value to them, they’ll give up on reading.

So, aim for personalization.

If you personalize your email, the readers will feel like the email is important to read and might make a difference for them.

Crystal is a Chrome extension tool that collects data about your recipients, based on their online behavior. Then, it generates insight you can use to create more personalized messages based on their personality, preferences, and characteristics.

  • Canva

Writing and building a successful email marketing campaign is not just about the written content. It’s about making it the full package for the readers.

And more often than not, the visual aspect of the email is what gets their full attention.

Canva is a free graphic design tool that you can use to turn your written content into a more impressive visual representation of your message.

You can use it to create:

You can use their templates or create designs from scratch. This will make your email more appealing to everyone’s eye, and your messages clearer.

Successful Email Marketing Campaign
  • Just Not Sorry

Another great Google Chrome extension you should use is Just Not Sorry. The goal of this tool is to prevent you from lessening your own authority by using apologetic language in your emails.

It analyzes the content of your email draft:

  • underlines critical phrases and sentences
  • explains how you’re undermining yourself
  • marks qualifying words and phrases that are overused

This tool will stop you from writing things such as ”I’m no expert, but…” or ”I’m pretty sure…”. Instead, it’ll help write more clear and persuasive messages, reflecting your authority and professionalism. 

  • MailMentor

When you finish writing your email copy, you need to make sure it’s user-friendly. It’s recommended that you write it so that a 6th grader could easily read and understand.

But, how can you check this?

MailMentor will analyze your content and give you a readability score as well as the reading time for the copy. Then, it will provide feedback you can use to rewrite and edit your initial draft.

You can repeat this process until you and MailMentor are completely satisfied with the result.

  • Grammarly

There’s no way you’ll ever gain trust from your target audience if your emails aren’t written impeccably. That means that even a single typo in your email copy can make you seem highly unprofessional.

This is why Grammarly is a must-have writing tool for a polished email marketing campaign.

What makes Grammarly so brilliant? It’s the simple yet highly effective features it offers. All you need to do is paste your email copy in the blank space, and Grammarly will:

  • find and mark all spelling and grammar mistakes
  • point out to poor use of vocabulary
  • give suggestions for improvement
  • provide an overall score of the text 
  • save the original document formatting 

It’ll take you only a couple of minutes to proofread and edit your entire email copy. It’s a tool every marketer needs to try out.

Still, in case you need more advanced editing or proofreading, you can delegate this writing assignment to a team of professional writers or Grammarly alternatives.

Find a writing service, such as TopEssayWriting, that has thesis writers for hire. They’ll edit or rewrite your email script as necessary.

Final Thoughts

After reading about the great writing tools listed above, do you feel more confident about starting your next email marketing campaign? We hope you do.

Use the tools that will help you improve your writing, customer relationships, and email conversion.  Then, make them a regular part of your email writing routine!

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