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7 Essential Growth Tools for Your Business

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Every ambitious company strives toward continuous expansion. To achieve established goals faster and constantly develop, you can consider using growth hacking tools.

The primary purpose of growth tools is to help you acquire more consumers, improve their product experience, and increase conversion. Growth hacking tactics target several facets of marketing, including content marketing, advertising, lead generation, and product marketing; each of these areas can be reinforced through the use of dedicated tools.

We’ve compiled a list of the best growth tools, including how they can accelerate your business development while creating a fantastic user experience. These programs will also help you optimize your inbound marketing activities and sales to increase customer acquisition.

Top 7 Growth Tools to Add to Your Digital Arsenal

We’ll present the best growth hacking tools, including app builders, helpful extensions, and plug-ins that can boost your sales and make marketing much easier and more impactful.  

#1. The best no-code app development tools

For a business to succeed, time matters the most. The faster you take your product to the market, the sooner you will start making a profit and the further away you will be from competitors. 

The no-code app builders are a winning solution for business owners striving to enter the market quickly and without massive investments. Using ready-made services, you can create your own application or website independently, avoiding hiring professional developers. 

Thus, no-code platforms are one of the most powerful and cost-efficient growth tools to reinforce your business. 

  • ThemeREX

We offer the greatest collection of ready-to-use Premium WordPress themes for businesses within various industries, including News & Editorial, Corporate, Health & Beauty, Creative, and E-commerce.

Choose the best design solutions for your website, benefiting from our sophisticated editing and customization features. Adjust the layouts according to your branding and preferences, changing the elements from our extensive collection. The best part of using ThemeREX – no coding and design experience is needed. Enjoy our fantastic tailor-made solutions! 

  • Nandbox

Nandbox is a one-of-a-kind native app development tool allowing you to create high-performance applications for Android and iOS without any coding. This top no-code app builder provides comprehensive constructor functionality, offering a great set of premium features, such as native components, a booking system, group chats, API integration, voice calling, and much more.

Non-techie users can build a powerful business application in weeks, not months, by selecting from free and professionally designed templates. Just imagine, you don’t need any programming skills.

To suit the market demands, Nandbox also allows you to create engaging marketing campaigns to increase application usage and build long-lasting relations with clients.


#2. The best SEO tools

Did you know that the first position of Google search generates over 25% of clicks, the second – 15%, and the third – 11%, and the drop-off becomes steeper and steeper after that?

Thus, SEO should be at the top of your list if you want to expand your business through digital marketing. 

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is the ultimate SEO tool for developing a profitable organic search marketing plan by helping you with keyword research, SEO audits of your website, identifying quick-win link building possibilities, and tracking your competition’s winning tactics. 

  • Ahrefs 

Ahrefs assists SEO experts with link building, keyword research, competition analysis, rank tracking, and site audits. It also covers website crawling and auditing using AhrefsBot, which evaluates websites for on-page SEO concerns. The tool regularly searches the web to add new links to the database and recrawls to verify previously discovered ones to deliver the most complete and up-to-date data.

#3. The best customer acquisition tools

  • HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot is one of the most scalable growth tools for solving various business difficulties (both internal and external) and providing numerous growth hacking features. In the context of conversion acquisition, HubSpot aids in building new customer connections through powerful lead generation techniques. 

There are also many useful Hubspot integrations available to connect Hubspot with all of your other favorite tools.

  • Qwilr

Qwilr is used to develop marketing and sales papers in new, more appealing formats, such as websites rather than PDF files. Web pages created with Qwilr are simple to connect with CRM, chatbots, and accounting software. The integrated analytics system aids in the tracking of conversions and consumer outreach.

#4. The best user experience tools

  • Usability Hub

According to studies, it takes 5 seconds for visitors to decide whether or not they like the website. Usability Hub’s Five Second Test tool allows marketers to optimize landing pages and make them highly enticing to visitors. This remote user research platform is a comprehensive testing solution that assists growth hackers in validating concepts before launch. 

  • Mouseflow

Mouseflow tracks visitor clicks, scrolling activity, mouse movement, and general website experience. The tool provides effective user segmentation based on behavior, runs A/B testing, and records conversion funnels to identify the website’s pain areas. 

#5. The best automation & chatbot tools

  • Zapier 

Zapier allows you to automate millions of routine job actions, freeing up hours every week – even daily. Zapier essentially links apps so that they may share data and do activities automatically without you having to navigate between programs and manually complete operations. 

For example, you can use Zapier to distribute new blog entries to your social media platforms automatically or to give new prospects a personalized greeting as soon as they sign up. This easy-to-use application connects thousands of the most popular software and apps, including Gmail and Dropbox, as well as Microsoft Office, Facebook, Slack, and ActiveCampaign. 

  • Paperform

Paperform is a robust SaaS platform for creating gorgeous online quizzes, accepting payments or selling things, organizing appointments, and automating workflows intuitively – it’s as easy as drafting a page. Not to mention, Paperform can connect you to thousands of popular applications and services, bringing all of your work under one roof. 

  • is one of the must-have tools that every SaaS platform should benefit from its advanced features. With, users can create elegant forms, surveys, and quizzes in a minute, thanks to its 1000 premade templates. offers over 500 third-party integrations so that businesses can automate their work and save time. It is a form builder tool suitable for small businesses as it offers advanced features such as accepting money, collecting signatures, calculator, conditional logic, and customization option even in its free plan.

#6. The best content marketing tool


86% of B2C marketers employ content marketing to grow their business.

This content marketing usually comes in the form of starting a podcast, blog or YouTube channel.

However, to make the most of your content, you must post consistently, promoting company values relevant to your target audience. 

Using specialized content marketing tools, you’ll enhance your creative work by reinforcing the ways you’re finding, curating, and distributing materials. 

  • Feedly

Feedly helps you define the most relevant and trendy topics by reducing the noise generated by information overload. The tool enables you to stay up to date on the hottest subjects to create engaging and helpful content.

#7. The best analytics tools

  • Google Analytics 

So far, Google Analytics is the most popular analytics solution for both large and small enterprises. This powerful analytics tool tracking a great batch of metrics offers free insights into behavior flow, conversion rates, website clicks, and other essential actions. 

The platform also provides complete information on users, including mobile device usage, demographics, browser, and so on. It offers e-commerce monitoring as well as customized reports.

  • Matomo 

Matomo is admired for its safe storage system that doesn’t share user data with third parties, ensuring complete data ownership. The program includes conversion monitoring to help you meet a business goal, perform A/B testing, and obtain real-time data on website visits. 

  • MixRank 

MixRank is an intelligent espionage tool that assists businesses in finding clients, analyzing competition, and detecting traffic sources. This growth hacking software allows you to examine millions of websites, select the most valuable ones, and forward them to your sales staff. With it, you can also keep track of the competition, as well as identify new sources of traffic.

  • AdRoll 

The majority of users forget about the website as soon as they leave it. AdRoll helps you build a stronger connection with your consumers by linking 56 touchpoints on a customer journey to catch their attention and make your offering unforgettable.

Independent Analytics is free WordPress plugin. As a plugin, it’s easy to install and starts tracking right away. Plus, you don’t have to create a third-party account anywhere else to use it.

It’s also a better choice for those concerned with privacy and GDPR. It doesn’t use cookies, store personally identifiable information, or share data with any external servers.

If you use WordPress to create your site, you should consider Independent Analytics for tracking your site’s views and visitors.

#8 Sales Automation Tools

  • HubSpot CRM

Hubspot is designed to help businesses grow by providing a complete view of the customer’s journey, personalized outreach, and powerful automation tools. With features such as lead scoring, deal tracking, and customizable reporting, you can streamline your sales process and prioritize your efforts. Additionally, Hubspot offers a free version of their CRM, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

  • Oneflow

Oneflow’s digital contract platform streamlines the proposal process and removes manual tasks. With Oneflow, sales teams can create, send, negotiate, and manage contracts easily and efficiently on the same platform. Or inside their CRM by using any of their native integrations.

Overall, Oneflow can help sales teams to close deals faster, reduce errors and delays, and improve the overall contract management process.

  • Cognism

Cognism is a sales acceleration platform that provides various tools and services to help businesses grow. Some key features of Cognism include data enrichment, sales automation, personalization, analytics, and reporting.

Grow your business effortlessly

Growing your company does not have to be a difficult experience. Utilizing helpful growth hacking tools will help you expand faster and get the most out of your investment. Additionally, ready-made programs will dramatically boost your efficiency while eliminating human mistakes. 

Start using the most suitable tools from this list and see your business skyrocket!

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