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7 Best WordPress YouTubers You Should Be Following

WordPress is by far the most popular open-sourced content management system and it is an ideal free software to create your own website. It doesn’t matter if you are one of those beginners who wants to learn the basics of WordPress to develop your website, or if you are one of the web-developers looking to enhance your skill set and your website by learning every advanced thing about WordPress – this list of great YouTubers who teach WordPress basics and everything which comes after basics is great for everyone looking to learn WordPress. Beginners and developers alike should follow these WordPress YouTubers.

Tyler Moore

Tayler Moore

Tyler Moore started this channel back in the May of 2011 to share his free video lessons with people who want to build professional websites but don’t have coding experience. This channel has about 248 thousand subscribers now along with twenty-six million views.

All the uploaded videos are long and thorough step-by-step tutorials which don’t miss a single instruction in how to build a remarkable website even when you have no previous experience in coding. A three-hour guide to building a WordPress website published back in 2016 was proof of this channel’s ability to teach and turn beginners into masters of WordPress.

His most popular video was published back in the march of 2015 and has been viewed sixty-two hundred thousand and it is a step-by-step guide called “How to Make a WordPress Website”, which means that he is one of the most 



WPBeginner’s founder is an award-winning Pakistani-American entrepreneur, Syed MoizBalkhi.  Today WPBeginner is not only the biggest WordPress blog; it is also a YouTube channel with a following of over a hundred thousand subscribers. It also has over ten million views.

They offer similar high-quality content which membership sites offer, except WPBeginner offers it for free.  The channel covers everything from basics to beyond of building WordPress websites, digital and content marketing, SEO, etc. They take content suggestions and request as well.

The channel features a playlist for “WordPress Plugins (How To)” containing about three hundred videos and a “WordPress Basics” playlist containing 82 videos, with all the other WordPress tutorials grouped in another playlist. One of his most popular videos is “How to Move WordPress from Local Server to Live Site” which has around 200 thousand views.

James Stafford

James Stafford

Based in Newport Beach, California, James Stafford started his own YouTube channel in 2011 for publishing step-by-step WordPress tutorials. Now he has over seventy-three thousand subscribers and his channel and videos have managed to get about sixty-nine hundred thousand views.

Everyone who wishes to learn how to create websites the easy way by using the WordPress software should follow James Stafford as this WordPress YouTuber can potentially help you learn website building in a matter of minutes. He not only teaches WordPress, but he also teaches how to make your sites profitable and earn from them by attracting traffic through email marketing, SEO, and content sharing, etc.

He has a playlist of about twenty videos dedicated to WordPress tutorials basics for beginners. His most popular video titled “WordPress Tutorial For beginners | How to Make a Website with WordPress Step By Step Video Training” received around a million views.



This channel was started in 2012 by an entrepreneur named Katrinah who is also a web developer and branding strategist. She teaches vital online marketing skills to wellness entrepreneurs. Today her channel has about thirty-two hundred thousand views.

She encourages user interaction and asks for suggestions for future tutorial topics. Her channel has everything down to help someone looking to learn WordPress and to help them survive and thrive in this tech-centered world and this vast online market. Over forty-five thousand subscribers benefit from tutorials about building professional WordPress websites using different themes and builders, as well as brand-building and traffic increase.

She has multiple playlists dedicated solely to WordPress and even the most viewed (with about five hundred thousand views) video on her channel was about how to “Create An E-commerce WordPress Website In 3 Hours! (WoothemesWootique)”.

Kori Ashton

Kori Ashton

Started off in 2011 as “WebTegrity”, now Kori Ashton’s YouTube channel which is dedicated to WordPress tutorials is super popular thanks to her active twenty-nine thousand followers.

With a new WordPress tutorial video rolling out each Wednesday of each week, on this channel you can learn nearly everything there is to learn about WordPress. Kori Ashton’s YouTube channel covers everything under the WordPress umbrella along with giving very informative tutorials on SEO, website speed, and image optimization. The channel has over twenty-five hundred thousand views as of now and its popularity is only increasing day by day.

She has playlists on her channel dedicated to WordPress theme reviews, WordPress menus, and beginner level WordPress, etc. Her video about the “Top Ten Free WordPress Responsive Themes for 2015” has been the most popular up to date.



With an aim to make people successful on the internet, FerdyKorpershoek started his YouTube channel in the October of 2014. Now, he has managed to gain approximately forty-seven thousand followers and forty-four hundred thousand views.

His WordPress themes tutorials are immensely helpful and at rightfully popular. Beginners can learn to not only create and build WordPress websites but also how to enhance their sites and personal online presence. His tutorial playlist for “WordPress Plugin Tutorials” is as popular as it is informative to learn the use of the famous plugin like WooCommerce product addons which help to create extra product options. The length of the videos varies, from short multiple-minutes long videos to multiple-hours long videos.

His most famous WordPress video was an hour long one titled “How To Make a WordPress Website Within One Hour” which focuses on quick website creation by importing pre-made templates and it has received three hundred thousand views up to date. WordPress For Non-Techies

This channel was started in the late May of 2014 by Adam Preiser whose mission is “to produce excellent how-to videos for the digital entrepreneur.” Today the channel has over sixty-seven thousand subscribers and over forty-five hundred thousand views.

The tutorial videos are extremely simple to follow and offer coverage of basic topics such as installation and maintenance of the WordPress software as well as different more-advanced topics for WordPress developers. Self-described as the “Easier Way To Learn WordPress”, this YouTube channels can help people who are not tech-savvy but want to or have to learn WordPress.

The most viewed video on the channel is of a nine-minute-long WordPress hack namely “How to Edit Footer Copyright Text In Any WordPress Theme” with over two hundred and forty-nine thousand views.

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