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6 Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress

Free Elementor Addons for WordPress

Do you want to design web pages hassle-free in no time?

Don’t worry! You have Elementor to make this possible.

Elementor is the most liked page builder for WordPress which offers you so many flexible options to design your websites without any deep coding headaches. Its basic version offers you many options to build web pages easily. But still, if you need enhanced functionality then there are a lot of options for it like pro versions of Elementor or Elementor Add Ons or extensions. So, here we will read about Elementor Addons to give you hundreds of options to expand page-building functionality. 

So, Before knowing the 6 best free Elementor Addons, Let’s jump on to discuss the need for Elementor Addons.

Why Should One Opt for Elementor Addons?

As you know, nothing is perfect, and So is the case with Elementors. It also has some points that need to be improved, that’s why Elementor Addons comes into play. They have been designed in such a way that Elementor plugins lack. So, to make the more advanced, unique, and user-friendly websites, third-party developers decided to solve the issue by creating their own Addons. 

Opting Elementor Addons, you can strengthen your website design with outstanding features and designs. You can easily integrate various plugins into your dream website. Creating user-friendly and appealing pages becomes so much fun that you will enjoy the journey of website making. There are numerous options available in the market to choose from, Hence we have prepared a list of some best ones. Let’s have a look at the options.

Best Free Elementor Addons for WordPress

Mighty Addons for Elementor

Mighty Addons for Elementor

The very first Elementor Addon on the list is Mighty Addons for Elementor. The toolkit has so much to offer you like Elementor widgets, sections, extensions, and various templates to design the most awesome layouts with very less effort. The Elementor Addon was developed by a team of professionals with super features to offer everything that a WordPress website needs.  Some Potential Features to Make This a Good Choice:
  • A fastly increasing library of around 45+ widgets to enhance your page-building experience.
  • A ready to import portion of 150+ Elementor sections to integrate into the website in just a single click.
  • Around 25 tailor-made Elementor template kits to boost the designing process.
  • Integration of Pixabay and Unsplash with Elementor to help you cover spaces of images.
  • Easy conversion of Elementor sections to extremely respondent sliders.
  • Easily add effective and imaginative shadow effects to the elements.
  • Easily set display rules for widgets, sections, and columns to control content display.
You can make your website 24*7 customer support integrated with the use of Mighty Addons to give a fantastic experience to your web customers. When you can get so many features with this designer-friendly and easy-to-use Addon in its free version also then why go somewhere else. If you want to go beyond these features with some special functionality then you need to jump for their premium version.

Master Addons for Elementor

Master Addons for Elementor

The next freemium addon on the list is Master Addons for Elementor which offers you a collection of fantastic designed Addons packs. It will easily give a brand new look to a casually-looking website. So that you can attract customers to the website effectively and easily. 

It comes with so many needed widgets to enhance the lifeline of your web pages. You can easily create dynamic headers and footers for your whole website. No doubt Master Addons help you to make your website awesomely attractive with minimal effort.

Some Key Features to Make Master Addons a Good Choice:

  • Offers 45+ elements and 20+ extensions (12 are free) to give an appealing look to your website.
  • A good header, footer, and comment form building solution for all.
  • Instant to use template collection of landing pages.
  • Creative and animated headlines to explain the webpage’s purpose.
  • Call To action option to the target audience to do some action.
  • Dual heading option with different colors.
  • Offers different from stylers like Ninja forms, Caldera forms, etc.

Master Addons has so many things to offer like creative buttons, Image hover effects, Dynamic tables, Image hotspots, and many more in its free version. You can get its premium version for enhanced functionality.    

Essential Addons for Elementor

Essential Addons for Elementor

Another feature-rich Elementor Addon on our list is Essential Addons which offers you a very good page-building experience. Engaging 1 million+ happy customers is not an easy task but Essential Addons did that recently. So without a doubt, this Addon proves to be a successful page builder. 

Even the free version of this Elementor offers you a collection of awesome designs and marketing tools to enhance your website functionality. 

Some Potential Features to Choose This One:

  • Easy-To-Use and unique elements to take the look of the WordPress to next level.
  • Bring your imaginative designs to reality with just a few clicks.
  • Option to use advanced accordion to let you use beautiful accordion in your web pages.
  • Good control over content visibility.
  • Info boxes to display highlighted important information.
  • Easily integrate famous social media platforms.
  • Post Timeline, Post Grid, Woo Product Grid and Filterable Gallery, etc. are some essential features that come with Essential Addons.

Overall Essential Addons has the trust of millions of users and around 30 million downloads, So obviously its feature box has a good capacity to offer. 

HT Mega

HT Mega

The next go-to Elementor Addon on the list is HT Mega which comes with attractive advanced widgets. The Addon has a very good process for building and designing your WordPress site. HT Mega also has a freemium version available in the WordPress directory. 

It offers a unique feature of the User Register Form with the support of 84+ free Elementor widgets. Now, building stunning home pages to integrate any famous plugin is so easy to do with HT Mega. 

Some Features to Consider HT Mega:

  • Offers the highest number of widget collections (84) that too in a free version.
  • Opt for the preferred Header/Footer globally or for one page.
  • Build template or layout for maintenance page, 404 page, search page, coming soon pages, and many more.
  • Pop up to display actual or fake orders.
  • Easily create a menu or mega menu builder.
  • Easy to use Post Duplicator to let you create clone pages.
  • 15+ template options in the free version alone.

HT Mega offers you limitless typography options, 877 Google Font options support, and the Retina Ready website has many such options that make it a very good choice.   

Droit Addons for Elementor

Droit Addons for Elementor

The next option for the Elementor Page Builder is Droit Addons for Elementor to boost up your web design experience. It offers you a vast collection of Elementor widgets, templates, blocks, and many more to improve the customer experience. That’s why Droit has gained so much fame. 

Now convert your simple web pages to some extraordinary designs with some animated texts and banners with such an easy method using the Droit Addons.

Some Potential Features to Consider Droit as an Option:

  • Offers you 70+ professionally built widgets of which around 30+ are for the free versions.
  •  Ready to use 200+ template blocks (70+ are free) and 25+ page templates (15 free).
  • Fully functional and responsive widgets and blocks to make an appealing website.
  • Contact Form, Icon Box, FAQ, Info Box, and many more key features are there.
  • Easy compatibility of WPML with full multilingual support.
  • Option of WooCommerce-Product List and Grid Widget.

Its extraordinary support team makes Droit a considerable Elementor Addons to use. To go beyond these features, go for its pro version.

Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons for Elementor

The last most popular free extension on the list is Happy Addons for Elementor. Take your website design to a new level with its unique feature set and problem-solving Elementor features. 

It has to offer you premium quality Elementor widgets in its Elementor widget library. The flexibility of customization in widgets makes it a choice that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Some Reasons to Make Happy Addons for Elementor a Good Choice:

  • Offers you 97+ Elementor Widgets in which around 48+ are available for free.
  • 400+ ready-to-use Elementor Blocks.
  • Simply create Elementor Mega Menu, Horizontal Nav Menu, and Simple Navigation Menu with ease. 
  • Build advanced data tables easily.
  • Cross-Domain Elementor site to copy and paste all of the elements easily.
  • Preset engine lets you make your widget look the way you want.

Happy Addons is the latest edition to the list of weDevs products library which makes it a good option to choose as weDevs is popular for its customer service.

Wrapping-Up: Choose the Best Free Version

So, That’s all in this informative blog consisting of the 6 best free Elementor Addons for WordPress. I have tried my best to gather information on each and every Elementor Addons. 

Every option has its unique feature set and functionality to offer. You can choose as per your requirement and convenience. If you still need any suggestions then go for Mighty Addons for Elementor because of its professional team and their assistance and obviously its good feature set. But still, lastly, the choice depends totally upon you as per the website you need to design.

I hope your queries are answered but still if you need any assistance, then feel free to connect to us. We will be pleased to serve you!

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