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5 Small Changes to Your SaaS Website Design That Can Boost Sales

SaaS web design

The SaaS industry is getting more competitive by the day, which should come as no surprise given the fact that nowadays there seems to be a software solution for every need. Now that customers are spoiled for choice in every industry and that competition is becoming stiffer, business leaders need to rethink their approach to sales and lead generation in order to gain or retain a competitive edge.

As a SaaS leader yourself, you need to analyze your key marketing and sales channels and leverage the current sales trends to maximize the potential of every customer touchpoint. That said, there is no denying that for a growth-oriented SaaS business, your website is and should be your biggest selling tool.

Your website is your product’s and brand’s presentation, their personality and identity in the online world. To maximize their potential, it is imperative to optimize your website for lead generation and conversion. Here are some small changes you can make quickly to boost sales in 2022.

Change Your Above-the-Fold Content

Homepage design and optimization for SaaS businesses goes well beyond good copy or stunning visuals. Building a homepage that converts is about guiding a visitor on a journey, but also giving them a reason to stay after landing on your website.

To that end, good homepage design should start with a clear value proposition in your above-the-fold content. You need to know how to write headlines and subheadings that will capture their attention and incentivize them to start their journey through your website. 

This above-the-fold content should:

  • Clearly state what your product is and what it does
  • It should state who it’s for 
  • It should portray your brand’s tone of voice
  • It should showcase some compelling brand visuals
  • Contain relevant keywords

You can then analyze how this content feeds into the rest of the homepage. If the content is compelling enough, it will inspire the visitor to keep learning about your solution, and even head straight into your product tour or pricing page.

Enrich Your Product Tours

Every sales and lead generation oriented SaaS website needs to have a product tour with proper guidance about SAAS Development Services and its tools.

Whether it’s in the form of a short video tutorial or a dedicated landing page, the product tour should answer some important questions. The tour needs to familiarize the visitor with the product and its applications, and it should tell them whether or not the software is right for them.

Remember, a good product tour will filter out the most qualified leads instead of trying to appeal to everyone. But let’s assume that your website already has a product tour landing page. What can you do to improve it?

Here is a quick checklist you can follow:

  • Make it truly your own and use your unique brand voice and style
  • Use a visualization tool to visualize key data points and break up blocks of text
  • Visualize data in your product videos as well
  • Break up text with customer reviews and testimonials
  • Add real value to your tour by mentioning how the product helped a specific client
  • Add light onboarding elements to show your visitors how easy it would be to start using your tool
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Optimize Your Pricing Page

Pricing page design for Saas website design agency needs to take into account a myriad of external factors. You can’t just put your prices on a dedicated page, you have to mold the design and the presentation of those price points in a way that leads visitors to a desired outcome. And the outcome is not to sell the most expensive plan, it’s to sell the most sustainable one.

Sustainable pricing plans are the ones that ensure positive cash flow for your business, but are also sustainable and justifiable for your customers. It all comes down to behavior analytics and how your customers browse the pricing page and view your price comparisons. 

Make it easy for your customers to compare different software subscription plans, and add valuable copy that will help them make a decision. For example, you can complement every pricing plan by giving a concise explanation who it benefits the most and what goals it can help businesses achieve. 

Build Social Proof on Your Site

Building social proof for a SaaS brand is more important than ever. To prevent website visitors from going to your competitors’ websites, you need to show them that others have already put their trust in your brand.

Potential customers will follow in the footsteps of existing customers who trust your brand, so it’s important to show the following on a high-converting website:

  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Current clients and partners
  • A live feed showing that people are purchasing your solution or signing up for the trial run
  • Quotes from notable names in the business world, preferably CEOs

This will help build social proof and show new website visitors that you are a trusted name in the SaaS community.

Use CTA Phone Button with VoIP System to Increase the Sales Conversion

If your website has visitors from outside the country, then you need to add virtual phone numbers to connect with your customers globally. VoIP technology is growing, and many big companies are using it because of its vital benefits.
  • Whenever you get a signup form filled by your website visitors with their phone number, you can reach out to them using VoIP numbers no matter where they are located in the world.
  • You can get virtual phone numbers according to your area code at a great price online. It will be helpful for your business if it exists in multiple countries. Familiar Area codes attract customers and reduce spam caller ID chances.
  • Virtual Phone Numbers are cost-effective – You can call your customers located in another country at a very low-cost charge.
  • VoIP numbers are highly secured and encrypted.
  • VoIP Systems offers high-quality sound quality. VoIP allows for voice compression and removing speech redundancies for even greater efficiency.
  • VoIP services typically include caller ID, virtual phone numbers, contact lists, voicemail, etc.

Add FOMO Elements and Incentives

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a part of marketing and sales psychology that aims to incentivize people to take action in the moment – or risk missing out on a great deal. In the SaaS industry, this is one of the best ways to inspire people to take the plunge and purchase a subscription for a special price.

To display FOMO elements on your website effectively, you can use timers that are counting down to the end of a special promo period. You can also add CTAs announcing a special deal for new or returning customers.

Make sure to use FOMO and similar incentives for lead generation as well by asking people to share their email address with you in exchange for a discount on their first purchase. 

Over to You

For a growth-oriented SaaS company, the website should be a key sales and marketing touchpoint that will generate qualified leads and help sales experts convert them quickly. If you want to stay ahead of the game and achieve these goals, start making these simple changes today to future-proof your business in 2022 and beyond. 

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