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10 Ways To Avoid Website Design Burnout in 2019

Website Design

We, sometimes reach up to the phases in our lives where we can’t afford any mistakes and even burnouts; Website Design is one such phase. You might be aware of the fact that a business frantically needs to have a website of their own when they are up in the competitive trading market.

While getting the website completed from a website development company is not enough, you need to focus on how does it appear, function, and how much is it easy to use. Your website design is an important aspect which will bring your visitors to trust your website. Statistics show that a degraded website design costs 94% of visitors to the site and the business with losing them the trust of the visitors.

It is completely unaffordable for the business to let its website design burnout by any means. Thus, I bring here some ways, using which you can avoid the website design burnout in the coming year 2019.

Enhance Company Information

company information
Be it a start-up or a full-fledged flourishing business; a visitor primarily focuses on the company’s information on the website. The content and the information on your website is also an essential part of the website’s design. Visitors should be able to check and understand your company’s nature of the business and other information for them to trust your services.

Make sure that the name of your business and the purpose are eminently appearing on your website’s homepage. Remember, a visitor only gives you seconds to tell them about yourself. They don’t like to and would not wait long or scroll more to know who you are. A visitor should be able to get a glimpse of your products and services on the homepage itself so that they can make a quick decision about what to jump on next.

Also, put on the testimonies, recognitions, affiliations, and awards on the homepage to view. Enhance the way they appear. Don’t leave your company’s contact information behind. Make sure it is duly updated.

In addition, consider reviving and updating the services section. It is not always the same time for your company; you could be changing your services to a different genre or have added up more services to provide to your consumers. Be considerate to update that information as it is the central part of your website as well as the business that a customer would be interested in. Updating these on your website all by yourself can give you back-pain as it seems too much of work; thus, you can take the assistance of some website development companies to update these.

Develop it with a Responsive Nature

responsive design

Well, we all know how important mobile phones are, and without discussing further mobile phones, we will talk about website designs. You never know which device your user has got with themselves. However, reports show 52.2% of all website traffic is generated through mobile phones. The percentage is legit enough for us to understand the future of websites and it is going to be with mobile phones highly. Thus, it is sheerly necessary for you to optimize your website for mobile users.

Mobile phones have different displays than the desktops, and every mobile phone has a different screen size than the other one. Thus, the best way to fill in up all the pores of this device debate is efficiently designing your website as a responsive one. Well, the mobile responsive design does not put the full-stop at the screen size alone. It also means that the website should be easy to navigate as well as efficient in load time speed and functioning as well.

Many website design solutions come with the feature of making responsive designs and brings the best website design services your business would need to have.

Optimize the Speed

website speed

When we see the world around, everything is changing in just a blink of the eye. It is very inefficient for the business if for any reason the customer needs to wait long fruitlessly. While talking about to wait, I refer here to the website’s load time speed.

Be it any device platform; the website gets less than 3 seconds time from a visitor to load and present your business personality. If the website takes longer than that, visitors will leave the page without even seeing what your business provides and sometimes even the name of your company, which is an unaffordable loss for your business. Notice the aspects which make the website load slower than 2 seconds; are they the images, fonts, videos, graphics or whatever it is, find it out and fix that. 

Top 10 Website Design Companies suggest that putting impressive but massive graphics, images, and fonts make the website load slower, resulting in the worse user-experience. Check with an online website development company about the aspects which can help increase your website speed and make it look impressive at the same time. Even Google gives the preference to the websites optimized with speed for all device platforms.

Adopt the Font and Design that the User Would Love

wordpress design

Screen sizes change from device to device. Concerning this fact, design the website keeping in mind what visitors would love to see on your site and what represents the best of your business personality and the type. Make sure that the graphics and the design are impressive and light at the same time.

Also, adjust the font size and style suiting the design and make sure that the zoom feature works well on the fonts. It will help you the much better way if you use the fonts mostly available in all devices. Using fancy fonts but the ones that a viewer needs to purchase to read will drive out the visitors from your website. Avoid using heavy graphics and fonts that cause the page to load slower. You can not afford a loss on the site load time.

You choose a web design and development in the USA (for example) as your outsourcing partner who will check these aspects for your business while designing the website for you.

Consider and Improve Navigation


While talking about the website design aspects, how can I forget mentioning navigation to my readers? One cannot call a website as a well-designed one if it is not easy to navigate. If you have considered beautiful graphics, elegant fonts and optimized the speed as well but it is still doubtful how to go to a specific section, then my friend, you are losing a point over there. Along with the beauty, easy navigation is the key to the better user experience which will directly result in enhancing usability on your website.

You have to consider the point of checking whether:

  • the screen is easy to scroll
  • the menu options direct to the correct sections
  • CTAs are placed at the right place and direct to the relevant actions
  • Moving from one page to another is quite easy
  • The website does not directly or directly open multiple windows
  • Keeping Social Media icons visible on the top to ease the sharing
  • Don’t fuss the screen too much, divide it into different sections

These are some aspects which affect the navigation and need to be considered and improved well to avoid the burnout due to the design on your website. However, a Web Design Company is always considerate of these points and makes the best efforts for the businesses to avoid any such circumstances.

Consider Linking Your Internal Web Pages to the Home Page

Internal pages are also the equally important part of your website as the homepage is. Hiding it won’t help much. Make sure each of your web pages links to the homepage so that when the user wants to share the page with friends, it does not come up as a dead link. Linking the pages eases navigation throughout the website. Also, make other web pages equally attractive as the home page as they are going to help you raise the search engine rankings.

Insert essential and valuable information on these pages as they are increasing the value of your website as a page. Add relevant details about your products and services on these web pages as they will help to section easily on your website. Websites built by a best website design company comprise of these features as their basic ones to enrich the user experience.

Don’t Put PDF or External Content Files Unless Necessary

You have a PDF file of some useful piece of content which you want to share among your readers. You think of uploading it on your website and do that. However, that information does not go to as many audiences as you targeted. The reason behind that is the PDF version of the information. Anyone can browse through your website, but not everyone has got the relevant software to download such external files. You want to share lots of information to the readers; however, uploading a PDF file for that may not help that much.

Instead, you can update the content on your website which will be the best option for the reader to go through the information. Otherwise, you can add a link directing to the path opening the file on the browser without making the reader hassle to download different software. For example, if you have an educational institute in the USA and have an active functioning website of your institute where you want to upload the study material for the students, you don’t have to strain yourself. You can browse through the web designing companies in the USA list and choose one best web design company in the USA accordingly to fulfill this need.

Direct Audience to Your Niche and Your Services

raider Airsoft Club & Paintball WordPress Theme

If you design your website efficiently, it could become the online sales representative of your company. Understanding that it is advisable by many top web designing companies that your website should be reflecting on your services and the niche your business caters. A visitor should easily be able to understand easily after opening your website what type of services your business provides.

Nothing can be worse when a potential customer gets puzzled on your website about what to buy and then leaves without buying anything; it is a significant loss for the business. Design your homepage efficiently enough to tell customers about the type of your products and services and direct them to the section they can get the details for them. Adding relevant call-to-action buttons will help the visitors understand more about your products and interested ones would visit and buy those products as well.

Don’t Miss out on SEO


Search Engine Optimization – It is an essential part for you to take care as a business owner as more than 90% of the traffic on your website comes from the Search Engines only. Don’t forget to optimize your website, both the mobile and desktop version, for Search Engines. Websites with high SEO rankings are visited more and are noticed to have a flourishing business than the ones who lag in this. You can apply different strategies to boost up your SEO rankings.

Apply specific keywords in the content which are related to your services so that when the users search for that keyword, the content of your website or blog reflects in front of the user. Make sure your website works well on all the devices especially on the mobile devices, because the search engines prefer the sites those are mobile-friendly over the ones those are not. Try highlighting the keywords relating to your company’s services to reflect on the search results quickly.

Some of the best web design company in the USA and many nations advise and provide services of Branding. By branding, we mean to do branding of your services and products on all your social accounts and possibly social media to help you get more and more traffic.

Don’t Mention Products in Headlines


You are aware of the fact that eye-catchy Headlines make the page easy to scan for the visitor. This fact might tempt you to add the product details in the headline itself, so when the user scans he thinks about your product. Well, this can prove to be a wrong practice. It will be marketing about your product only each time the user reads the webpage; he will get irritated reading the marketing lines.

Instead, avoid adding product details in Headline. Create such headlines that drive the eyes of the reader and insist them to read around the complete description below that. Once you catch the eyes of the users, half of the task is done. They will read the description and read about the product as well. Use H1 headings and H2 sub-heads in a way that they sectionize your web page. A page organized section wise attracts more eyes than simply plain text. The top web designing companies use this practice when designing the website for the businesses.

Wrapping Up

Moreover, you would have understood some of the unavoidable basics of website design to help you achieve the best from your website. However, it is complicated covering everything alone. However, you are not alone.

With the growth in the networks, you can find and choose the best web design company in the USA or the website design service that will extend the helping hand to you to achieve all the milestones with highly optimized and efficient website design.

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