Editors Must Have: 10 Plugins to Improve WordPress Content

There is nothing more important than the quality of the content that you share on your blog or website. The best way to ensure that you produce the best quality is to hire quality writers and editors. Still, people cannot do everything alone. They need tools to help them along the way. The following tools are ideal for creating and editing WordPress content. So, don’t wait any minute, dive into the list of the most popular WordPress plugins for editors.

Google Typography

google typography

Google Fonts is home to over 600 fonts. One of these is sure to be ideal for your WordPress website. This add-on allows you to add and customize these fonts automatically, no matter what theme you are using. That means no more editing theme files just to use a different font.

Why is this important to writers and editors? Producing content that is visually appealing is important. A carefully selected font can really add to your blog or website. Google Typography makes it easier to use the ideal font that will fit your style and make your publications look professional.

Yoast SEO


Content isn’t effective unless it reaches the people for whom it is relevant. The Yoast plugin automates many of the tasks that are required for search engine optimization. This frees writers and editors up to create better content.

Even better, the plugin allows writers to choose a focus keyword. It also checks posts for essential elements such as images, meta descriptions, and appropriate length. This suite of tools is ideal for ensuring top content quality as well as boosting SEO.

Beaver Builder

beaver builder

Beaver Builder allows you to build pages using a simple drag and drop interface. If you are an experienced editor or writer who lacks coding skills, you can use this plugin to create a website or blog without coding a single line. This includes the ability to create mobile-friendly layouts. Even better, the tool works on nearly every theme.

Lawrence Turnbull, content editor at canada writers explains how you can benefit from such WordPress plugins: “Once you have created and perfected your website or blog, you have more time to focus on content quality, engaging with your audience and performing other important content related tasks.”

Just Writing

just writing

Distraction-free editors are popular for a good reason. They allow writers to do what they do best without disrupting them with a bunch of ‘helpful’ buttons and other static. Unfortunately, with many of these editors, it’s all or nothing. If you want some additional features you are forced to go back to the product you are trying to escape. This is the case with WordPress’ distraction-free editor.

Fortunately for writers, Just Writing provides the best of both worlds. It allows writers to choose functionality from WordPress’ standard editor to add to the distraction-free editor. On the other hand, if you are seeking something even more sparse, you can use the plugin to take even more features out of DFW.

Proofread Bot


When there are issues with grammar and style in your posts, it erodes credibility. “Customers see that you have a lack of attention to detail, and are willing to put out content that is subpar,” shares Nico Hinton, creative copywriter at BestWritersCanada. Why should they trust your products? Why should they put much stock in your professionalism or insights?

If you are editing a post, or are in the add new post screen, you will see a button that you can click to run the Proofread Bot. The plugin will quickly analyze the post in question. Then, it will return a report outlining all of the issues that are found.

Visual Composers

visual composer

Sometimes the best approach to ensuring that only the best content reaches your audiences is to avoid fragmenting your efforts. Instead, consider an all in one tool that allows you to create your blog or website, write, edit, and publish posts.

Visual composer provides all of the functionality you need with several additional features. Use this to create amazing, visual content.

Revisions Control

Revision Control

WordPress has generously allowed users to choose the number of revisions that are stored. However, in order to use it, you must make use of the WP Posts Revisions constant. The settings on this are applied universally. Revisions Control changes this.

Revisions control allows you to control the specific number of revisions that will be stored, not as a whole, but for each post type. For example, you can opt to save just the latest five versions of a post on WordPress, but still, keep the remainder of versions on your own computer.

WPAdmin MicroBlog

WPAdmin MicroBlog

Imagine if editors, content writers, salespeople, marketing managers, and other folks had the means to communicate and collaborate on WordPress. What would happen if there was a bit of a sandbox where everyone could test out bits of content before sending it out for general consumption.

WPAdmin MicroBlog allows you to create a mini blog that is available only to those who have access to the site’s admin area. This allows team members to work together as posts are in development, rather than going through the writing and editing process as two separate iterations.

Editorial Calendar


WordPress doesn’t contain a simple means to track when a post is scheduled to be posted. This plugin gives you a calendar style view of your editorial calendar. Even better, you quickly edit posts from within the calendar itself. You can also drag and drop posts from one date in the calendar to the next.


If you’ve struggled to think of ‘what are plugins that can help my team create better content?’, try out a few of these plugins. They should help you to improve your editing and writing processes. Delegating part of your tasks to online tools lets you concentrate on the important tasks like creating great content and delivering the best user experience.  

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